Argo The Ultimate Android

Android Power Mimic of Immense Power


Name Argo The Ultimate Android
Height 8’ 3"
Weight 450 Lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eyes White (no pupils)
Affiliations Formerly Talos and The Foundry
Power Source Technological
Power Level Alpha Metahuman
Threat Level Red


Argo is one of the most powerful opponents the Freedom League has ever faced. He is an android created by Talos and powered by a micro-singularity held in a containment unit within its chest. Talos intended Argo to gather information on metahumans and even to have the ability to mimic their powers using the power from the singularity and the “proto-matter” of his structure. However, when Argo first encountered the Freedom League, he “imprinted” on them in an unexpected way. He gained all of their abilities but also became “fixed” in that form, unable to change or adapt any new powers. Still, it gave the android enough power
that he nearly defeated the entire League. If not for their teamwork and Daedalus’ inventive genius (which Argo could not duplicate), the team would have met defeat. They overcame and deactivated the android, turning it over to ASTRO Labs for study.

Argo later re-activated and went after the Freedom League again. Talos no longer controlled him and he rebelled against the directives of his creator. The Freedom League only managed to overcome him when they disrupted the containment around his singularity power source, causing the android to collapse in on himself and vanish from Earth’s dimension altogether. Argo ended up in the Terminus, the space between universes, where he has drifted, inert, for some time. All it requires is some outside stimulus to reactivate him, and Argo will be looking for a way to get back to Earth and continue his conquest.

Argo is a fairly unsophisticated being at heart. He’s supremely confident in his own abilities, as one of the most powerful beings known. He behaves like a bully, making demands and pushing around anyone weaker than he is (which may be everyone). His goal is to rule over a society beings like him, although he lacks the technical knowledge and expertise to create new androids. He might be amenable to an alliance with someone like Talos, who shares his goals, although their own arrogance would soon spell the end of any cooperation between them. Deep down, Argo is confused, lonely, and looking for a place in the world, but he’s also dangerously unstable and has no regard for human life, making it difficult to feel sympathy for his situation.

Argo has the combined powers of Captain Thunder, Daedalus, Dr. Metropolis, Johnny Rocket, Lady Liberty, and Siren, including the ability to replicate their devices. The powers of six heroes make him tremendously powerful. His only real limitation is his inability to mimic skills or other mental traits; thus, he doesn’t have Raven’s training or Daedalus’ intellect. He
also picked up some of the Freedom League’ weaknesses when he copied their powers, and opponents can take advantage of them when fighting him. Argo’s not a particularly innovative tactician and he doesn’t understand his powers as well as the originals, using only the most basic tactics and applications of his many powers. He relies mostly on brute force to get things done, but against most opponents, it’s more than enough.

Argo The Ultimate Android

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