Former Teen Hero Turned Mercenary


Name Arsenal AKA Roy Harper
Height 5’ 11"
Weight 180 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eyes Green
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations The Outlaws Formerly Teen Extreme
Power Source Mutant/Training
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


Roy Harper started out as a sidekick and Teen hero in the late 90s his team was out of the West Coast. Things were very dangerous for a lot of heroes at the time and Teen Extreme was no different. Things got really bad during an encounter with Jack-of-Knives all Teen Extreme died in this encounter besides Roy, a day never goes by that he doesn’t think about that fateful day.
A few years later Arsenal reappeared teaming up with Deathstroke and forming The Outlaws.
Roy only seems to care about his team and getting paid now, not caring if other live or die as long as they get paid.


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