Baron Samedi

God of the Undead Crimelord


Name Baron Semedi AKA Simon DuLac
Height 6’
Weight Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Black
Occupation God of The Dead, Crimelord
Affiliations None
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Orange


Simon DuLac grew up in Haiti, so the power of Voodoo was a proven fact to him. But Simon was always more interested in immediate, worldly power, which led him to becoming an important figure in the Caribbean underworld. He smuggled drugs and laundered money. He used the fearsome reputation of Voodoo to his advantage, without particularly caring what the loa thought of it, but the loa did notice, and did care.

Baron Samedi, the loa of death and the undead, chose Simon as his cheval, his “horse” that he would ride in the mortal world. Baron Samedi maintained to his fellow loa that humanity was a base and unworthy race, suitable only to serve as the loa wished. The sea loa Siren opposed his view, claiming humanity was valuable in its own right. So the two loa chose vessels to inhabit to prove which of them was right once and for all.

Using Simon’s criminal network, Baron Samedi was able to begin distributing his “zombie powder” . He works to corrupt and degrade humanity and to deal with Siren, who has also taken on a human host and become a continual thorn in his side. Eventually, the loa knows that he will triumph, and the world will become a vast graveyard of his mindless zombie followers.

Baron Samedi isn’t human at all, but a malevolent spirit that feeds on human suffering and death. Humanity is nothing more than cattle to be used as he sees fit. He turns both the living and the dead into zombie puppets with no will of their own. Samedi can be quite charming and enjoys winning others over to his side of their own free will with promises of wealth, prestige, and power. He exists to corrupt people, proving that humans ultimately want what he offers them.

Baron Samedi is a spirit inhabiting the body of Simon DuLac. He grants his mortal host great strength, endurance, and resistance to injury. He can regenerate damage to his mortal host body at an accelerated rate. Like Siren and her host body, the Baron’s presence prevents his host body from aging.

Baron Samedi also has various magical powers. He can animate the dead, exert some control over the minds of the living, command reptiles, and create clouds of smoke or pitch darkness. These are innate abilities for him, not just mortal sorcery. He’s never without some zombie henchmen at hand, and is always creating more.

Baron Samedi usually prefers to have his zombies and enthralled minions do his dirty work for him. If seriously threatened, he can step into a shadow and disappear, reappearing some distance away.

Baron Samedi

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