Electricty Based Teen Hero


Name Bolt AKA Ray Gardener
Height 5’ 8"
Weight 150 Lbs
Hair Color White
Eyes Blue
Occupation Student
Affiliations The Next Gen
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Sigma Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


Ray Gardener, Jr. is the son of Captain Thunder, the leader of the Freedom League, and his wife Nancy. He has known since childhood that his father was a superhero and Ray always idolized him because of it. A few years ago, the entire world learned Captain Thunder’s secret identity when his foe Dr. Stratos unmasked him on nationwide television. From that point on, the Gardeners’ lives were never the same, and Ray has grown up the son of a celebrity.

The beginning of his teen years were made more difficult by the development of a form of epilepsy due to an overabundance of neural electricity in Ray’s brain. He suffered several seizures before being placed on medication, which made it impossible to play the sports he loved, particularly baseball. Ray became friends with Chase Atom, someone his age who understood what it was like growing up in a “super” family. Ray became a fan of comic books and roleplaying games as well as televised sports.

Ray’s epilepsy grew increasingly chronic until he suffered a seizure accompanied by a tremendous burst of electricity! It turned out Ray was a super-powered mutant with electrical powers similar to, but not quite the same as, his father. Captain Thunder enrolled his son as a student at Duncan Summers’ Claremont Academy to help him learn to control and use his powers. Not long thereafter, freshman Ray Gardener became the newest member of the Next-Gen.

For his part, Ray, Jr. is thrilled to have superpowers, peers, and a chance to get out and enjoy life again. He has an appreciation for the little things well beyond his age after years of being forced to watch life from the sidelines. Now he’s a go getter eager to try new things, made more so by the hyper-speed effects of his powers. Bolt is the youngest and least experienced member of the Next-Gen by far and his teammates are a bit over-protective of him. Ray remains friends with Chase Atom and is making new friends among the Next-Gen. Seven and Nereid both adore him, but Megastar and Sonic are still getting used to the over-eager young man who has chosen the apropos superhero moniker “Bolt.”

The second year at Claremont and in Next Gen have not been nearly as easy. Since he lost his mother during a fight between his father and Dr Statos he has began to stay away from his father and stick more and more with the members of The Next Gen.


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