Doctor Simian

Genius Gorilla


Name Dr. Simian
Height 6’ 6"
Weight 660 Lbs
Hair Color Black and Grey
Eyes Black
Occupation Criminal
Affiliations The Foundry
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Orange


It began as an experiment in the nature of intelligence, attempting to enhance the mental capabilities of primates. ASTRO Labs used a variety of methods on different test subjects. The results were not overly promising. Combined with protests about the use of apes and monkeys as experimental subjects, it was only a matter of time before the project was closed down. Its director, Dr. Carmine Mosley, didn’t want to see that happen. He knew he was close to a breakthrough, he just didn’t know how close. So he took it upon himself to disregard guidelines on safety and procedure. He used unproven methods on the most promising of the experiment’s subjects, and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Dr. Mosley’s subsequent death and the disappearance of his experimental subject spelled the end of the primate enhancement project. Although ASTRO Labs and the Freedom City authorities searched for the missing ape, they were unable to find him. Little did they know just how good he had become at hiding. Mosley’s experiment awakened a tremendous intellect in the African gorilla, an intellect born in pain and torment caused by humans. The ape killed his tormenter and fled, finding shelter in the underground tunnels and abandoned subway stations beneath Freedom City.

Dr. Simian, as he called himself, crept out at night. In his initial weeks of sentience, the super ape absorbed knowledge at a prodigious rate. Within months, he had the equivalent of multiple Ph.D.s just from reading stolen books. Eventually, he discovered other inhabitants of the underground. He offered his services to the Foundry, and worked with them behind the scenes. It gave him access to equipment and research materials he needed. The two parted ways
when Dr. Simian no longer needed the Foundry, although their relationship remains cordial. Dr. Simian is still one of the Foundry’s loyal customers and contractors.

Ultimately, Simian chose to go it on his own. He wanted nothing from humanity, save obedience and recompense for his suffering, and that of many other creatures. Using his scientific genius, Dr. Simian has constructed many devices to take his revenge on humanity. Each time, heroes in Freedom City and elsewhere have thwarted his ambitions. In particular Freedom Leaguer Johnny Rocket has proven a thorn in Simian’s side. Dr. Simian has been captured and imprisoned before, but he swears no human cage can hold him. Inevitably, he escapes to hatch a new plot to overthrow humanity as the dominant species on Earth.

Dr. Simian is a mad scientific genius driven by ambition and revenge. He considers himself a moral being. After all, he did not ask for great intellect to be bestowed upon him. Since it has been, he feels it is his duty to make sure humanity pays for its crimes against nature and the animal kingdom. In Dr. Simian’s view, humans are dangerous and malicious children, not deserving of their place at the pinnacle of nature’s hierarchy. Therefore he seeks ways to conquer the Earth and subjugate humanity for the greater good. Simian foresees a world under his rule where the natural order is protected and humans are kept away from dangerous tools and ideas.

Generally, Dr. Simian establishes (or reactivates) a hidden laboratory and begins hatching a new plot. His plans usually revolve around a particular invention. Simian’s creations include methods for transforming humans into apes (either physically, mentally, or both), mind-control devices, methods for destroying human technology or infrastructure, “uplifting” other animals to sentience (and giving them humanoid characteristics),
and so forth. Such devices often require certain rare components or resources, which Simian arranges to have stolen or (less often) purchased, which may tip heroes off to his schemes. The device may also require a “test run,” alerting heroes to the danger. When Simian is ready, he unleashes his fiendish scheme. Freedom City is his favored target, although he has been known to go elsewhere.

Dr. Simian prefers to operate from a concealed headquarters, so heroes might not confront the ape mastermind directly until they can find him. The only evidence they see of Simian’s schemes are his minions carrying them out. Dr. Simian has also been known to use various decoys, either to lure heroes into traps at a false headquarters or to escape. The heroes who believe they have captured Dr. Simian may have only caught a robot, a complex dummy, or even an ordinary ape dressed like him. Dealing with Simian is like a chess-game, and he stays several moves ahead of his opponents.

Doctor Simian

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