Doctor Sin

Immortal Mastermind


Name Doctor Sin AKA Tzin Sing
Height 5’ 3"
Weight 125 Lbs
Hair Color White
Eyes Black
Occupation Criminal Mastermind
Affiliations Numerous
Power Source Training/ Technological
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Red


Dr. Tzin Sing was born over a century ago in China to a family that clung to a bygone era of Imperial privilege and prestige. Even as a boy he
was a brilliant scholar drawn to the study of science. As he grew older, he learned that others did not appreciate his intellect or his achievements, often becoming intimidated or jealous. It was the way of things: People feared their superiors and tried to drag them down to their own base and common level. Tzin Sing would not allow himself to be dragged down. Instead, he would use his intellect and his ambition to achieve greatness.

Starting in the 1920s, Dr. Sin (as he has become known in the West) built himself a criminal empire in China and struggled against various Western heroes who tried to thwart his schemes to expand his power. World War II temporarily put his plans on hold, but Dr. Sin appeared again in the 1950s and 1960s. His greatest enemy then was the hero known as the Raven, who foiled the sinister doctor’s plans at every turn. Raven also won the heart of Sin’s daughter, Jasmine. Eventually, Dr. Sin and the Raven had a final confrontation aboard Sin’s airship armada that left the Raven crippled and Dr. Sin presumed dead.

Having cheated death many times before, Sin did so again. He extended his life with ancient potions and secret meditation techniques. He rebuilt his criminal empire from the shadows and plotted vengeance against his old foe, now married to Sin’s daughter and with a child of his own. Dr. Sin attempted to kidnap his granddaughter, but Raven and Jasmine came to rescue her. When Jasmine took a killing blow meant for her husband, Dr. Sin was forced to flee. He has rededicated himself to his plans of conquest and has sworn that his granddaughter, the new Raven, will either join him or suffer her mother’s fate as a traitor to her own blood. As for her father, words cannot describe the hatred Dr. Sin feels for the man he holds responsible for his beloved Jasmine’s death.

Dr. Sin is a combination of inscrutable calm and detachment and supreme arrogance. He knows he is one of the greatest minds that ever lived and believes it is therefore his destiny to rule over his inferiors, regardless of their simple wishes. He lives for the challenge of struggling against a worthy adversary, since victory without struggle is meaningless. He fancies himself a man of honor. He won’t go back on his sworn word, although he’s willing to use cunning and deception to achieve his ends. Any challenge to his authority or inherent superiority must be met and overcome.

Dr. Sin has a brilliant scientific and analytical mind, making him one of the greatest scientists and inventors who has ever lived. He has adapted alien technology (salvaged from ancient Preserver, Serpent People, and Atlantean sites) for his own uses and has developed a number of technological innovations from them. He combines this with knowledge of ancient Chinese herbalism, alchemy, and martial arts. Dr. Sin prefers to operate as a mastermind behind the scenes, using various pawns to put his plans into action. He maintains secret bases hidden around the world and legions of followers awaiting his commands.

Doctor Sin

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