Leader of The Next-Gen


Name Elite AKA Unknown
Height 5’ 9"
Weight 175 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Blue
Occupation Student
Affiliations The Next-Gen Formerly The Murder League
Power Source Training
Power Level Sigma Metahuman
Threat Level Green


Elite remembers no other name than the codename he won for himself. That was part of the Murder League’s brutal training. He remembers snippets of another life, of a smiling woman…his mother, he thinks. He catches recollections of her like reflections in broken glass, but every time he tries to hold onto the image, he gets cut. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he’s afraid that he killed her. He thinks that was his final test, before the real indoctrination began.

The Murder League trained him well. It was the premier assassin’s guild of his dimension, but Elite has since discovered they’re pan-dimensional. He’s been to too many alternate worlds where the Murder League exists and where they have recognized him as a rogue. Under the Murder League’s tutelage and that of his mentor, Wound-Maker, Elite learned the art of killing. He even completed a few assignments, spilling his share of blood for his masters. The Murder League’s philosophy was simple—learn or die. Elite excelled at the former, when many of his peers only accomplished the latter.

It was on his last assignment for the League that Elite met his match. He was to assassinate a successful baroness who made her fortunes outmaneuvering her rivals on the stock market. Elite discovered her potent mental powers when she turned them on him. She tore through his conditioning, through the obedience training, like wet tissue before he managed to escape. The damage was done, though. Without his conditioning, Elite was torn apart by guilt. Fragmented memories of his past came to him, along with awareness of what he’d done and what he had become.

Elite went into hiding, knowing the Murder League would hunt him down. He was on the run, constantly moving, never staying in one place for too long. It wasn’t enough. He survived three encounters with the League’s agents, but it was only a matter of time. “You can’t run forever,” they told him, and he knew it was true. Fortunately, Elite saw a news report about a group of dimensional travelers arrested and detained by the meta-authorities. He recognized the opportunity and rescued The Next-Gen from detainment. He accompanied them when Seven was able to create a spell that took them back to Freedom City

While Elite is enjoying the relative peace and freedom of this reality, he’s also preparing. He knows it’s only a matter of time before the Murder League finds him, assuming they haven’t already. While he won’t kill them, he won’t run either. He is going to make a stand and take them down once and for all, and to do that, he needs the help of heroes like The Next-Gen, Foreshadow, and The Freedom League. Maybe then, he can finally be free to explore his feelings for Quarrel. Until then, he’s a young man with a mission.


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