Professor Muerte personal Protector


Name Giganto
Height 8’ 1"
Weight 600 Lbs
Hair Color None
Eyes Blue
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations Terror Inc
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


He had been working for Professor Muerte for more then 5 yrs. He was the one that bandaged the Professors self-inflicted fire wounds. The Professor wanted to reward his loyalty with the granting of super powers, the Professor was very good at genetics. How could he say no to the Muerte?

The gene therapy was painful, the radiation therapy was worst. His body started to change after the fifth day of intense pain, sores appeared all over his body most of them bleeding. The pain did not stop, he begged for medicine to ease the pain and was put into a controlled coma instead.

With the complaining at an end, the Professor was free to do all that he wanted to do. The treatments increased from two a day to twelve a day, it appeared as though the nurses body was going to tear itself apart. No matter, he would get a new helper. After a week of high intensity treatments his patents life signs started to fade, to bad, tough luck. Next.

However the nurse did not give up on his life that easily. The vital signs did not stop, they just faded. By this time bandages covered the nurse from head to toe, due to the bleeding. The Professor was though with playing, he wanted to see what was happening. The bandages were removed and Muerte just smiled, success.

The man was brought out of the coma after the bleeding stopped. The man got up and went over to the mirror, his body felt weird.


He went on a rampage, his strength knowing no bounds.

Professor Muerte tracked him down and defeated him, with the man down the Professor explained that it was all for the good, he was far better a man now. Despite his looks, he had to agree that he was much more stronger and tougher. He stayed working with Muerte and joined his team of terrorist, taking the name Giganto

Training Giganto in combat is proving to be slow going. It seems that his good nature and healing soul does not agree with the killer training that Muerte is trying to instill in him. If Giganto ever gets his hands on some he is unlikely to let go as he may not be able to grab them again.


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