Plantman Eco-Terrorist


Name Greenman AKA Nathan Grovemont
Height 6’ 4"
Weight 240 Lbs
Hair Color None (Leaves)
Eyes Amber
Occupation Botanist, Eco-Terrorist
Affiliations None
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


The being now known as “The Green Man” began life as Dr. Nathan Grovemont, a botanist and research scientist who studied the evolution and development of plant life. Nathan became convinced humanity’s harmful side-effects on the environment was something evolution could not overcome, and it was only a matter of time before the human race
rendered the Earth uninhabitable.

He experimented with new strains of plant life that could survive the ecological disasters he saw coming. Since plants did not adapt to environmental changes quickly enough, he needed to make them more aware and capable of molding their environments to suit them. In time, he developed his “morphological stimulator,” a device that used a plant’s morphic energy field to grant it animation and movement without true intelligence. When his funding was cut and his project scrapped, his protests went unheard, so he took his prototype stimulator and used it himself.

The following week, trees from Liberty Park robbed a local Freedom City bank, ignoring gunfire and overturned a police car that tried to stop them. Several other crimes occurred as the mysterious “Green Man” used his vegetable minions to steal for him. Eventually, Dr. Grovemont was caught and sentenced to time in Providence Asylum.
He escaped with the aid of a makeshift device and some ivy growing on the walls. This time, he pursued his experiments to their “logical conclusion.” He used his equipment and a series of chemical treatments to alter his own morphic field, turning himself from a human being to an animate plant.
Dr. Grovemont left his old life behind and began his career as an eco-terrorist and self proclaimed savior of the Earth. He thinks it is time for him to teach the trees to fight back against their killers.

Dr. Grovemont was an unbalanced personality even before he turned himself into a plant. It’s difficult to say whether or not the Green Man is completely insane or has a perspective completely alien to human experience. In either case, he has little or no regard for human life, considering it a “pestilence” on the face of the Earth. Still, the Green Man does not want to destroy the world, or even to destroy humanity, so long as they learn their proper place in the scheme of things. He wants to “liberate” the plant kingdom to better defend itself. He considers himself superior to humanity, both intellectually and physically, and points this out at nearly every opportunity. Although he sometimes employs human agents to do his dirty work—fanatical eco-terrorists and petty criminals—the Green Man has no real ties to humanity, only his kinship with the plant kingdom.

The Green Man is a living, mobile, intelligent humanoid plant with the ability to control other plants and impart tremendous growth and mobility to them. His body is made up of a substance similar to dense wood, giving him superhuman strength and resistance to injury. His plant-body heals quickly from any injuries and he can animate and command plants to do his bidding. He usually operates in areas where plants can be found in abundance: forests, wetlands, and even large parks. His usual subjects are trees, but all types of plants have their uses. The Green Man also often carries a bag of seeds with him. His power can cause them to sprout even on city streets or sidewalks and grow unbelievably fast, and he’s used mutated vines to crack solid concrete in the past.


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