Lady Tarot

Fortune teller for Driogano Family


Name Lady Tarot AKA Alice Droigano
Height 5" 5’
Weight 120 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Green
Occupation Fortune Teller
Affiliations Droigano Family
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Sigma Metahuman
Threat Level Green


Lady Tarot claims to be a strega, a witch, able to trace her line back to the ancient witches of Tuscany. Whether or not this is true, no one can say. She simply showed up one day in the service of Big Al Driogano of the Freedom City Mob. At first, people thought she was little more than a “paid companion.” Later, it seemed like she was the Driogano’s advisor, using her tarot cards to read fortunes for him. It seemed a harmless, if eccentric, affectation, for a man of Driogano’s age and experience to believe in things like fortune-telling.
Eventually, the other mobsters noticed Driogano’s operations ran more smoothly and encountered fewer difficulties with the police. When Boss Oliverti died mysteriously, Driogano was right there to take advantage of that, too. People began to wonder about the mysterious Lady Tarot and decided there might be something to all this fortunetelling business after all.
For her part, Lady Tarot has remained loyal to Driogano. He provides her with all that she needs, including bodyguards and a suite at the Southside Palace on the Boardwalk. She continues to use her abilities in his service, and her presence has drawn much more attention from both the authorities and the other Mob families. She has already thwarted at least one attempt on her life and several against Driogano.
In truth Lady Tarot is a witch and Driogano’s daughter from an affair he had many years ago in Italy. Her true name is Alicia. She feels obligated to assist her father, but she has become more and more intrigued with Foreshadow, one of her father’s enemies. He alone seems to have the unique ability to evade her foresight,and she seems to be able to do the same where he is concerned. She is attracted to him, but cannot betray her father for him, even though she would in order to protect Foreshadow’s life, if it came to that.
Lady Tarot appears cool and aloof most of the time. She has a mysterious air about her that says she knows much more than she is telling, which is usually the case. She is somewhat flustered around Foreshadow, although she hides it well. He is one of the only people able to get past her defenses and evoke a emotional response from her. Otherwise, she prefers to keep to herself. She is not happy with helping Driogano run a criminal empire, but feels a sense of family obligation, even though he prefers to keep the true nature of their relationship a secret. She suffers in silence, and occasionally hopes her love can turn her father into the man she wants him to be, the man her mother loved.
Lady Tarot has certain mystical abilities from her heritage and training. She can foretell the future using a deck of tarot cards; the ability is inherent in her, not the cards, so any tarot deck can serve as her focus. She has a strong sense of intuition, and she can cast a number of minor spells using magical rituals, including placing curses on people and protecting
them against harm or danger. Her abilities will likely continue to grow as she ages and learns.
Since most of her abilities are of limited use in combat, Lady Tarot does
her best to avoid it. Her premonitions usually allow her to do so with relative
ease. For times when they do not, she carries a small pistol concealed in her bag.

Lady Tarot

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