Maximilian Mars

CEO MarsTech Industries


Name Maximilian Mars
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 170 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Green
Occupation CEO MarsTech
Affiliations MarsTech Industries
Power Source Technology
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


Once upon a time, Mars wore a very different power suit than the expensive custom-tailored ones he buys in London today… suits with armor and frightening hi-tech weapons
systems. As a young man, he accidentally stumbled upon long-lost fragments of alien technology. He reverse-engineered a number of components, built an armored battlesuit,
and went into business as ‘the Commander,’ a mainstay in the super-criminal community of the time and a major problem for Captain Thunder. Eventually he reached the conclusion that he could accrue just as much power in the business arena, legitimately, and without running the risk of being crippled while fighting costumed powerhouses.

During the Terminus Invasion, Mars aided Centurion and others in their fight against Omega, then successfully parleyed that assistance into a presidential pardon for his crimes. He then started MarsTech, and over the years he’s built it into a massive multinational business empire. While his involvement with the origins of Invictus are unknown to anyone other than Mars, Dr. Ankita Suresh and Invictus himself, he has taken a vested interest in his actions as a hero. Though he is very familiar with the city’s underworld, he keeps all such associations at arm’s length and is very serious about being a respectable and legitimate businessman. His true history is known to a select few in the hero community and he and Thunder have an unspoken (and grudging) respect for one another.

Mars is a PL8 normally, the Commander suit and other such gear are sealed in his private
labs, and his various “lairs” are mothballed.

Maximilian Mars

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