High End Mercenary


Name Mechassassin AKA Craig Vandersnoot
Height 6’ 3"
Weight 220 Lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eyes Blue
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations Anyone willing to pay him, Formerly AEGIS (AMERICAN ELITE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION SERVICE)
Power Source Technology
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


Craig Vandersnoot was a major in the AEGIS (AMERICAN ELITE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION SERVICE)assigned as a liason to NATO. His good looks, charming demeanor, master’s degree in political science, and take-charge attitude made him popular and respected, and before long he was put in command of a NATO research project to develop a light battlesuit for use by the military and law enforcement.

The project was going well under Craig’s supervision when his “moonlighting” came to light. He’d been working as a security consultant and troubleshooter for several organized crime groups and terrorist organizations, accepting huge sums of money to keep them safe from the cops. He even helped plan and execute crimes, applying his tactical knowledge to make the “missions’ go as smoothly as possible.

Three MP’s were sent to arrest Craig quietly, so the press wouldn’t get wind of things. He killed all three of them, snuck back into the research complex, and put on the battlesuit. He then murdered every project scientist and technician he could find, stole all the plans and specs, and trashed the lab. When he was done, he escaped from the facility with ease.
Since then, Vandersnoot, operating under the codename “Mechassassin,” has established an enviable reputation in the mercenary world. Known for his skill, power, discipline, and ability to get the toughest jobs done, he’s made millions as he loots and pillages his way across the globe. He also works as a security chief and military trainer for master villains.

Mechassassin’s suit of light battle armor comes equipped with numerous weapons that give him enough of an edge in combat to stand up to most superheroes. They include a powerful electric pistol with two settings (regular and extra crispy), a launcher in his right gauntlet that projects strands of tanglecoil to trap opponents, retractable blades, and a selection of grenades such as concussive energy, tranquilizer gas, and a special mind-numbing smoke (which blocks parts of the brain from most psychic detection). He also carries a modified shield with which to deflect oncoming attacks. The suit has been upgraded some over the years (it once had slight vulnerabilities to electricity and heat), and still requires daily maintenance and parts replacement, or it soon begins to malfunction.
However, Mechassassin’s greatest weapons are his mind and physical skill. A soldier with years of experience in just about every sort of combat imaginable, he has a high degree of tactical awareness. He never fights stupidly, underestimates his opponents (especially superpowered ones), or takes foolish risks. He usually has at least two backup plans for every mission as well as one standard and one alternate escape route. He approaches his goals as if they were military targets. He gathers as much intel as he can, then plans attacks for the maximum chance of scoring a kill with the least amount of risk posible. That said, he prefers a frontal assault to an ambus

Mechassassin is cool, collected, efficient, professional and deadly. His self-confidence borders on arrogance. He knows he’s the best, and that when you put him on a job, the job’s as good as done. Proud without being stupid, ruthless without being sadistic, disciplined without being a machine, he epitomizes the super-mercenary in the modern worl


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