Princess of Atlantis


Name Nereid AKA Thetis
Height 5’ 6"
Weight 110 Lbs
Hair Color Green
Eyes Blond
Occupation Student
Affiliations The Next-Gen
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Sigma Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


Thetis is the granddaughter of the original Siren, the 1940s superheroine, member of the Liberty League, and now Queen Mother of Atlantis. Thetis’ father is Theseus, the King of Atlantis, formerly the superhero Sea-King. Both he and her grandmother felt Thetis needed an understanding of the surface world and its people if she was to deal with it as Queen of Atlantis someday. So they made arrangements with Duncan Summers for Thetis to attend the Claremont Academy as a student while also getting some training in the use of her powers. Thetis adopted the codename Nereid, from the mythic spirits of the sea.

Thetis has found adapting to life in the surface world both exhilarating and frustrating at times. Thetis was raised as royalty in Atlantis, so she’s used to having things her way. It has also taken her some time to get used to the customs of surface-folk, although she enjoys much of the culture Freedom City has to offer. She still finds some surface ways puzzling, but heeds the advice of Mr. Summers as her teacher. In addition to her studies at the Academy, Nereid has also worked with her grandmother’s namesake, the current Siren, on a few occasions.

Nereid is of noble blood and it shows in her manner and her actions. She is surprisingly humble and not overly spoiled, but she is used to thinking of herself as better than “common folk” in many ways. She understands a heavy duty comes with her role as princess of Atlantis, and sometimes wishes she could just be an ordinary teenager. She loves her life on the surface world because it allows her to forget her duties and responsibilities, if only for a while.She makes friends easily, and never hesitates to offer her opinion (even when no one asks her for it). She was trained to fight and defend herself from a very young age, and she’s super-strong, so anyone who thinks she’s “just a little girl” quickly learns otherwise.

Nereid has all the normal waterbreathing powers of her Atlantean
heritage, so she is strong and able to swim at great speeds. She can breathe both water and air, and operate easily underwater. She also
shares some of her grandmother’s supernatural gifts and has the mystical ability to transform herself into water.


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