Omega Destroyer of Worlds

Lord of the Terminus, Avatar of Entropy


Name Omega
Height 8" in armor 6’ outside it
Weight 900Lbs in Armor 120Lbs outside it
Hair Color NA
Eyes Glowing Red Eyes
Occupation Lord of the Terminus
Affiliations Formerly Doctor Destroyer
Power Source Alien
Power Level Alpha Metahuman
Threat Level Red


His origin is spoken only in whispers throughout the cosmos, and its truth is shrouded by the mists of time. He was once a mortal being—a scientist studying the nature of the
universe, they say—but he delved too deeply into things mortal beings were not meant to know. He unleashed a cataclysm that destroyed his entire universe. He alone survived, thrust into the void beyond the omniverse—the Terminus. His ill fated experiments may have even created the Terminus, or perhaps unleashed its power to spread like a cancer throughout the omniverse. The truth may never be known, since that mortal scientist is long dead; in his place stands Omega, the Lord of the Terminus!
Omega has ruled over his domain for as long as any living race can remember and his goal has always been the same: to expand the Terminus until it engulfs all that is. The barriers separating the many dimensions and layers of reality stand between Omega and his goal. The forces of entropy can only worry at omniversal reality, corroding away bits and pieces here and there, drawing them into the Terminus where they become part of the cosmic flotsam of Omega’s domain.
On occasion, the inhabitants of other dimensions discover the Terminus, to their sorrow, since portals into his realm allow Omega’s forces to raid other worlds and conquer or destroy them. One such world was the birthplace of the Centurion. The infant who would become Earth’s greatest hero was flung across the dimensions through the Terminus to Earth before Omega destroyed his homeworld.
Omega invaded Earth as well, uniting the heroes of Freedom City and the world against him. Earth has only barely managed to repel Omega. His last invasion did considerable damage to many major cities throughout the world and resulted in the death of the Centurion and many other heroes. Omega was badly damaged in this foray against Earth, and retreated to his throne-world to recover and plot anew.
Omega is destruction incarnate. His ultimate goal is to bring all creation under the sway of the Terminus, watching it spiral down into oblivion. Whether he believes this will grant him freedom from his eternal existence or the godlike power to create a new universe in his own image, no one knows, but it hardly matters. Although he seizes and holds territory to gain new soldiers and resources for his cause, Omega cares nothing for conquest, only the ultimate annihilation of everything. He’s at best annoyed by feeble efforts to stop him, but truly enraged by those who manage to defy him, such as the heroes of Earth.

Omega Destroyer of Worlds

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