Teen Mutant with Deadeye Aim


Name Quarrel AKA Judy-Lynn Baen
Height 5’ 3"
Weight 105 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Student, Super Hero
Affiliations The Next-Gen
Power Source Mutant/Technological
Power Level Sigma Metahuman
Threat Level Green


Judy-Lynn Baen was born in 1995. Despite what she’s sometimes claimed — that she grew up on the mean streets — her family is a relatively prosperous, double-income, one kid family that lives in the sub-urbs. Nor is there any truth to the hints she’d made that she’s the illegitimate daughter of Ethan Keller — her mother may have met him once, but they certainly weren’t intimate.

Judy-Lynn’s fascination with Archer and the FORCE Ops is actually a fairly recent development. By 2008, enough time had passed since the group’s dissolution that they were once again considered “cool” — particularly among rebellious Freedonian teenagers who wanted heroes to look up to, but viewed the Freedom League as too tied to an establishment they resented, and The Next Gen as more of the same. The more violent activities of the FORCE Ops, memorialized in a series of graphic novels published by Castle Comics, was very appealing to them. Judy-Lynn was one such youth.

Around the same time that she was “discovering” these heroes, her mutant power — uncanny accuracy — began to emerge. After being complimented by her peers at her skill at throwing things, she began to consider ways that she could use her talent to fight crime. While she didn’t have the build to use a long bow (or even a short bow) effectively, she could make use of a crossbow that she bought online. (Her parents were entirely unaware that she’d figured out how to use their credit cards.) She began operations in the Fens, disrupting a number of Mob operations, and once causing serious inconvenience to the Toon Gang.

Soon afterwards, Quarrel ran into The Next Gen, and — while she’d never admit it — appreciated the help that she got from them in a very difficult case. She refused the invitation to join the team, however, declaring that she’d rather eat dirt than work with a Bowman like the one who’d betrayed Arrow all those years before. After Bowman left to join for graduation, however, she reluctantly agreed to team up with them, particularly after Duncan Summers showed up at her parent’s house and offered them a scholarship for her. (He also not so subtly threatened to let The Next Gen know that her “urban” act was just that.)

Quarrel isn’t really a team player. She prefers to scope out a target from a distance, set up a sniper’s nest, and take shots at targets of opportunity. She’s learning to act as covering fire for the rest of the team, however … but what no one has yet realized is that she sometimes views people that she fires at as simply objects. She’s also moody and argumentative (which is another reason why her name is appropriate) and nurses a major crush on Bolt, of course, he’s entirely blind to this.

Quarrel’s real problem is that she doesn’t really appreciate the consequences of violence, above and beyond its effacacy in stopping crimes. She may get a lesson, however, if she follows up on a few clues that she’s recently found that will lead her into a confrontation with Foreshadow’s enemy, The Silencer and if she realizes that The Silencer’s tactics are simply vigilantism taken that one step further.


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