Super Strong Rampaging Villain


Name Ripper AKA James Allison
Height 9’ 6"
Weight 1600 Lbs
Hair Color none
Eyes Red
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations Viper, Formerly US Army
Power Source Mutant/ Technology
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


James Allison was a Green Beret in the U.S. Army, often sent on the most difficult and dangerous missions during Desert Storm. His luck ran out while he was investigating a secret laboratory in Northern Iraq, Allison was captured and used as an experimental subject.

Strange serums were injected into him as well as being bombarded by curious radiations. The exact reasoning behind these experiments is unknown, but it is believed they failed, as he was transformed into a malformed monster and left for dead when bombing commenced in the area. James Allison was made of sterner stuff than the Iraqi’s thought however, and made it all the way back to South Iraq where he was found by a forward artillery observer.

Transferred to military hospital in the states, Allison recovered somewhat, only to be told by doctors that he was dying from the radiation he had received. The doctors could offer him only one chance at survival- Project Omicron. This project had been developing certain human augmentation devices for military use (protection, along with the regeneration of nerve endings and other damaged tissue, which may, in fact, have been what the Iraqi’s were trying to duplicate). After numerous excruciatingly painful processes, the Project was able to produce devices capable of saving his life as well as augmenting the odd abilities he had gained. Still hideously malformed, his mind, now shattered and ripped apart by the trauma just as his body had been, caused him to rebel and go berserk.
He wasn’t able to get very far on that murderous rampage, as he was caught shortly thereafter by a courageous hero and sentenced to languish in Stronghold. After hearing the quote above, the press labelled Allison the “Ripper”.

The Government, thinking they could control him for purposes of further experimentation, was responsible for his release. They were proven wrong. Ripper again fought to cause as much pain as he was forced to endure and hopefully, along the way, escape his past.

Ripper does not have a complicated personality. He is a rampaging psychopath. In a constant state of pain, normally surly, aggressive, and easily angered, the only time he ever truly enjoys himself is when he’s fighting. He likes superheroes, since they are the only ones who can really give him a decent scrap. He often gets so caught up in combat that he completely loses control of himself, attacking anyone and anything around him.

Ripper possesses enormous strength and endurance, as well as remarkable regenerative abilities. His is capable of brief Centerion level boosts to his already incredible strength via minute quantities of a special chemical produced by an artificial gland implanted within him. However, building up enough of this chemical for more than 4 uses in a day will cause his system to immediately seize and break down rapidly, proving deadly to him.
He generally exists to punch and smash things, though another favorite tactic is to grapple an opponent and literally rip him limb from lim


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