Teenage Witch


Name Seven AKA Serena Vervain
Height 5’ 8"
Weight 115 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Green-Gold
Occupation Student
Affiliations The Next Gen, Eldrich
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


Serena Vervain grew up in the West End of Freedom City, raised by her grandmother Lillian after her parents died in an accident. Her Nana taught Serena about herbs and folk remedies, read her stories and faerie tales, and told her about the little people and the spirits, both good and bad. Serena learned not to talk to other children about these things; they were part of the secret world she shared only with her Nana.

When Serena turned thirteen, she learned the truth. She came from a bloodline of witches that stretched back to the founding days of Freedom City. The gift often skipped generations, as it did with her mother, but Serena showed signs of being the most gifted witch in her family’s history and the seventh to wield a witch’s true power. As Serena’s gifts awakened, she learned her family had enemies, some of them ancient, and she would need protection from them.

Her grandmother enrolled Serena at the Claremont Academy, where she could hone her gifts and benefit from both its protection and its education. There she took the codename “Seven,” as seven is a magical number and she was the seventh fully realized witch of her bloodline. Serena has proven an exemplary student, and she has also begun learning from Adrian Eldrich, Earth’s master mage.

Although she knows nothing of him yet, Serena’s greatest enemy
is lawyer Lucius Cabot, an immortal who sold his soul to the forces of evil. Cabot is troubled by a prophecy that says the descendant of a witch he helped to hang will prove his undoing. He has carefully eliminated these descendants over the years. After arranging the accident that killed Serena’s parents, he believed that he was safe, but the prophecy will not be denied, unless Cabot can eliminate Seven as well.

Serena is a vivacious young woman with a love of life. She’s friendly and cares about others, doing her best to make them feel comfortable. In many ways, she’s the spiritual heart of the Next-Gen, helping settle fights and getting everyone to cooperate. She balances both her mundane and magical studies with fighting alongside the Next-Gen and having fun and relaxing. She naively encourages everyone else to do as much, since she assumes they can manage their time as well as she does. She’s always organizing trips to the mall or the movies or something to break up the team’s routine. She loves Chris (Megastar) like the little brother she never had but she’s blind to his crush on her.

Seven is able to cast various spells. Her primary power is control over the elements (air, earth, fire, and water). She is also sensitive to mystical forces, and can sense when they are nearby. Her powers are still developing. Sometimes she can cast more complex and powerful spells with a bit of preparation and access to her scrolls and grimoires.


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