Teen Hero of the Streets


Name Sonic AKA Lemar Phillips
Height 5’ 9"
Weight 150 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Super Hero
Affiliations The Next-Gen, Wilson Jeffers
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


Lemar Phillips had a pretty ordinary childhood growing up in Lincoln. He got into his share of trouble, although he was basically a good kid. He ran with a pretty rough crowd until he caught the attention of Wilson Jeffers, the director of the Lincoln Youth Center. Wilson helped give Lemar some direction and in many ways became the father figure he lacked at home.

One night, Lemar tried to stop a friend from getting involved in a gang robbery. Instead, he got dragged along against his will. Things went wrong almost from the start, and the gang botched an attempt to steal an experimental sonic disruptor, damaging the device in the process. When it exploded, Lemar took the brunt of
the blast. He miraculously survived and found he possessed the device’s power to generate and control sound.

Lemar told Mr. Jeffers about his newfound abilities and wanted his help in learning to control them. Wilson Jeffers in turn shared his secret with Lemar: he had been the Black Avenger years before, a member of the Freedom League and the hero of Lincoln. Jeffers began training the boy to master his powers, and Lemar adopted the identity of Sonic. He also tracked down the criminal who sponsored the gang heist—the Maestro, the malevolent conductor of crime—and Lincoln’s new hero helped put him away for a time.

Since then, Sonic has become well known in Lincoln and Southside, and he’s had adventures alongside Foreshadow and Johnny Rocket as well as his teammates. The stylized S on Sonic’s costume shows in graffiti all around Lincoln, the rookie hero’s fans tagging buildings with “Sonic Rulz!” Ironically, Lemar had to spend a few hours scrubbing such a tag off the Youth Center. Still, he (and secretly Jeffers) is glad the community has accepted its new hero.

Duncan Summers offered Sonic the opportunity to attend the Claremont Academy, but Lemar insisted on only doing so after his regular classes at Joseph Clark High School in Lincoln. Afternoons and evenings, Sonic patrols and trains with Mr. Jeffers and his teammates in the Next-Gen.

Sonic is a teenager with superpowers so he’s caught between the fun of being able to do amazing things and the need to keep his powers secret and use them well. He idolizes Wilson Jeffers and hopes to make his mentor proud. He feels a strong sense of responsibility toward his mother, his little brother Toby, and to the Lincoln neighborhood where he grew up. He’s a bit awed by older and more experienced heroes like Foreshadow, while he’s a bit competitive with heroes closer to his own age.

Sonic has the ability to generate and control high frequency sound. He can create deafening blasts of sound or sonic force beams that can shatter concrete. He can also dampen sound waves in his area, creating a zone of complete silence. His sonic vibrations allow him to fly and create a protective vibratory shield around his body. Both effects create a constant low-pitched hum.

Sonic tends to go for the straightforward method of blasting his opponents unconscious, although he’ll sometimes use his deafening sonic blasts to soften up a group of foes and disrupt their ability to communicate. Against opponents with sound-related powers, he’ll often create a zone of silence to block or negate them.


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