Ruler of the Stellar Khanate


Name Star Khan AKA Kinan Khan
Height 6’ 6"
Weight 275 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes White
Occupation Ruler of the Stellar Khanate
Affiliations None
Power Source Alien
Power Level Sigma Metahuman
Threat Level Orange


Throughout the history of the cosmos, there have been great leaders who felt the call to battle and conquest. Many of these leaders have built powerful empires before time and enemies brought them low. Still, the legends they created live on and never die. Such is the goal of Kinan Khan of Zultas, a world on the frontiers of the Lor Republic. He is the most brilliant and ruthless military leader his world has ever produced. By the age of 20 solar cycles, Khan ruled his nation and commanded a great army. Within four years, he was the undisputed ruler of his world. By the age of 30, he ruled over entire star systems, and his name was feared and respected throughout his region of the galaxy. In the ensuing years, nothing seemed to stop him.

More than a few worlds rushed to join the Lor Republic out of fear that the Star-Khan and his armies would conquer them. Most thought that the Republic and the Star Knights would hold Khan’s small empire at bay, but they underestimated the ambition and abilities of Kinan Khan. The Lor Republic could not stop him. In fact, it would be his next conquest!

Khan might have succeeded in invading and conquering the Republic if it were not for the aid of the Earthman Daedalus, who then traveled the stars. With the ancient inventor’s brilliance and daring coupled with the abilities of A’lan Koor and the Star Knights, the Star-Khan’s invasion failed. As a result, a rebellion arose within his own empire that eventually led to his overthrow. Kinan Khan escaped from his vengeful former subjects with the remnants of his army, swearing vengeance on Daedalus and the Star Knights.

It has taken him years to rebuild, but the Star-Khan has returned to conquer anew. He has reclaimed much of his old power, crushed rebellious worlds beneath his heel, while the Lor Republic remains distracted by the Grue Unity on its far borders. He’s more cautious than in the days of his youth—seasoned and wily—although his legendary temper and thirst for conquest have not been diminished in the slightest. Khan plans to add Earth to his Empire one day. That world will yield him the weapons and resources he needs to bring other worlds to their knees. He will also repay the Star Knights, ensuring they are no longer a threat to him. He will see Daedalus humbled before him before he dies. After that, no one will stand between him and his destiny to rule the stars!

Kinan Khan considers battle the only worthy pursuit in life. He is a warrior born, while most others in the cosmos are little more than cattle to be led or conquered. It’s the conquest that matters to him— planning his strategies, moving the pieces into place, and then executing a flawless campaign to bring his enemy down. It’s not just a matter of winning, but winning with honor and cunning against a worthy adversary. Khan thirsts for enemies worthy of him, and savors the conflict since it will make his expected victory all the sweeter.


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