The Whip

American Hating Whip wielding Villain


Name The Whip AKA Anton Vanko
Height 6’ 1"
Weight 200 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Green
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations Terror Inc, Formerly KGB
Power Source Training/ Technology
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


He grew up hating America, American heroes particularly, they had destroyed his village when he was young. He and his father were the only ones that escaped with their lives, his father hated the Americans just as much and he set about train his son to be the instrument of his vengeance. He trained the boy in the art of the whip, by the age of 16 the child had grown to be a powerful young man with unmatched skill with the whip.

His father died and the man, now calling himself The Whip, set out to make sure that the super heroes that destroyed his village reaped what they had sown. They were older now, no match for The Whip, they did not even remember the village, and would not remember now. They where dead.

With the vengeance sated for the time being he joins The KGB they also hated American Heroes, he was one of their best agents. His favorite tactic was to take his whip into a secure enclosed location, like a airline flight, the whip would go though metal detectors without problems, his target would not stand a chance.

He was set against heroes and villains alike, he had even crossed swords with Terror Inc on more then one occasion. After awhile he grew tried of being just an agent. He wanted to be more then a lackey for a government agency. He left his post and was hunted like a dog for his troubles. He had to find a place where his former handlers could not touch him, then he ran into Terror Inc again, instead of fighting them he was going to join them.

The Whip is a provisional member of the team. His ego has started to grate on the other members, not matter what happens, it is never his fault. He is quick to shot down any plan that anyone makes, regardless of its merits. The Whip and Shamrock have the least amount of love for each other, Professor Muerte has had to step between them on more then one occasion. He did, once, have a problem with , Scorpia but he learned quickly not to cross her

The Whip

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