Wild Card, Jason Kwon


Wild Card

Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: +1 (12), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +3 (16), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +4 (18)

Tough: 3/5, Fort: +5, Ref: +9, Will: +7

Skills: Acrobatics 9 (+13(Acrobatic Bluff)), Bluff 5 (+9; +13 (Attractive)), Diplomacy 3 (+7; +11(Attractive)), Gamble 5 (+7), Gather Information 5 (+9), Knowledge (streetwise) 6 (+7), Language 1 (+1), Notice 5 (+7), Sense Motive 5 (+7), Sleight of Hand 7 (+11), Stealth 5 (+9)

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (melee) 2, Attractive (4), Contacts, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 1, Improved Critical 2 (Focused Ionization (Plasma Control 4)), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Precise Shot 2, Throwing Mastery 2 (2), Well-Informed

Break & Enter Specialist (Enhanced Trait 2) (Traits: Disable Device 8 (9); Limited (Locks & Security Systems Only))
Dimensional Apportation (Teleport 1) (100 ft. as move action; Accurate; Change Direction, Change Velocity, Precise; Power Loss (Cannot move into or out of an area with a strong magnetic field (Rank 5+ Magnetic Control)))
Random Blink Patterns (Concealment 4) (Alternate; all visual senses; Limited (Visible: Concealment Bonus only applies to Opponents First Attack))
Focused Ionization (Plasma Control 4) (DC 21, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Focused Ionization (Plasma Control 4)); Autofire (interval 2, max 5), Selective Attack; Range (touch); Accurate 2 (4), Thrown (Range: 50 ft., incr 10 ft.); Custom (Requires Small Physical Object), Power Loss (Must have used Dimensional Apportation previous Round))
Heavy Ionization (Plasma Control 8) (Alternate; DC 25; Penetrating; Range (touch); Thrown (Range: 50 ft., incr 10 ft.); Custom (Requires Small Physical Object), Power Loss (Must have used Dimensional Apportation previous Round))
Unstable Ionization (Plasma Control 6) (Alternate; DC 23; Burst Area (30-150 ft. radius – General); Range (touch); Knockback 2, Progression, Increase Area 2 (area x5), Thrown (Range: 50 ft., incr 10 ft.); Custom (Requires Small Physical Object), Power Loss (Must have used Dimensional Apportation previous Round))

Equipment: Multiple Card Decks 1, Toolkit (Basic), Undercover Shirt

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +6, Melee: +4, Grapple: +5)

Attacks: Focused Ionization (Plasma Control 4), +10 (DC 21), Heavy Ionization (Plasma Control 8), +6 (DC 25), Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 16), Unstable Ionization (Plasma Control 6) (DC 23)

Defense: +11 (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +8

Languages: English, Korean (Native)

Totals: Abilities 30 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 18 + Powers 24 + Combat 22 + Saves 12 + Drawbacks 0 = 120


_Jin-Soo was born into the Kwon family in 1985, at that point his father, Dae-Jung and mother, Chun-Hei, had just fled North Korea and were in the process of seeking asylum in Nouth Korea. Dae-Jung was a medical doctor and surgeon who had no ties to the North Korean regime; as such was permitted to stay in South Korea while he immigrated to the United States.
Their immigration application confirmed, the Kwon family moved to Freedom City, where Dae-Jung received a prestigious position as a neruologic surgeon with the reknowned Freedom Medical Center located in the North End. As such, Dae-Jung pushed his son tirelessly towards his education, and maintaining a grade point average that would lead him towards medical school.

The fact that his son Americanized his name to Jason infuriated his traditionalist father. And so it was that Chun-Hei had to mediate between her husband, and her son. Dae-Jung’s father, had been a reknowned pianist, and concert performer for his entire life in North Korea, and had pushed Dae-Jung towards a career in the pursuit of music. Dae-Jung’s mother had passed away while he was still a child, due to a brain tumor, and as such Jason’s father pursued a career in neurology despite his father’s wishes. Chun-Hei would often remind Jason’s father of this in private, but the man would not budge on his stance, as he was concerned the the undisciplined freedom of the United States would lead his son astray.

Instead it was his strict, and traditionalist father that drove Jason to rebel. He found himself hanging around the seedier areas of Campaign City, bars, pool halls, and bars where he could talk himself into. Eventually he fell in with a circle of friends who were able to connect him to local crime rings. Using the steady hands, and surgeons hands he inherited from his father he was able to lift wallets and watches, and even learned to pick locks and work a safe.

One evening, shortly after Jason’s 14th birthday, his handlers got a small group together and gave them a specific address to rob. The owners were away, and there was supposed to be some high end jewelry secured in a wall safe. As the group broke in the safe ended up containing legal papers, stocks and bonds, and a city contract that was not strictly legal. Also, the owners were home. At least the wife, and when she stumbled on the youths in her house they panicked and one of Jason’s group freaked out and shot her in the stomach.

The three of them fled the house as Jason rushed to the woman’s aid. He held her and listened to her dying rasps of breath. That’s when he heard the sirens outside, with tears streaming down his face, and blood on his hands he sat there cradling the now dead woman.

He panicked when the police entered the house, and before they got to the bedroom he found himself in the backyard, his body arcing with a strange energy. He stared at the energy coursing over his hands, as it started to dissipate he ran from the police eventually making it home.

The other youths went to their handlers, and revealed that Jason had botched the job and likely taken the contents of the safe for himself. They decided to interrogate the Kwon family for information, as they arrived at their house, Dae-Jung told his son to go to his room and confronted the thugs. They told Dae-Jung they needed to speak with their son, Jason’s father, no stranger to intimidation stood up to them. As a message to Jason the three burly men took a hammer to both of Dae-Jung’s hands, thereby ending his career as a surgeon.

Jason ran to his father’s side when he saw what happened from the stairs. As the men went to grab him he quickly grabbed the hammer and instinctively ported to the other side of the room, then threw the hammer at the largest man’s chest. The hammer, now ionized from it’s brief exposure to the dimensional energies exploded stunning the three men. Jason then grabbed the lead thugs gun and stared them down at gun point forcing them to leave the house.

Dae-Jung, shocked by the emergence of his son’s powers, clutching his broken hands, in a fit of rage told his son he never wished to see him again. Jason fled the house, and turned himself in to the police. As he was still a juvenile, he served minimal time in a group home. With Jason’s testimony they were able to arrest the thieves ring, and charge his associates with 2nd degree murder.

Dae-Jung, with Chun-Hei’s patience, concern, and love was able to come to terms with his injury, and fully realize his love for his son. Despite his concern over his growing rebellious nature, he planned to use his considerable savings and arrange for Jason’s early release and enrollment in University. As he Dae-Jung made the financial arrangements to do so, rifts in the fabirc of space and time began to appear over the skies of Freedom city. The ferocity of the Terminus invasion forces shattered the juvenile center where Jason was being held, and he fled. His powers would have allowed him to escape at any time, but a sense of guilt and responsibility both for the death of the woman, and his father’s shattered hands kept him in place.

That guilt, and sense of responsibility fled in the face of the terror he felt at witnessing the power of Omega and the Terminus forces. Those first few weeks he just worked to survive on the streets, until slowly he made his way home. He found his mother alive, though mourning what she thought was the loss of both her husband and her son. Overjoyed at the fact that Jason had lived through the initial assault, she pleaded with him to come home. When asked where his father was, Chun-Hei had the unenviable task of explaining to the young man that he had died in during the initial assault. Jason was flooded with emotion, guilt and relief flooded his chest, together mother and son sat on the stoop overlooking the damage that had been wrought on the city.

Chun-Hei, without Dae-Jung’s pride to get in the way, told her son about how Dae-Jung had stood up to his own father, and fought to walk his own path, to become a doctor due to his mother’s tragic death. And how he had arranged to smuggle himself and his wife out of North Korea. As she talked Jason wept for the loss of a man he didn’t know half as well as he should have. His father had been a hero, risking his own father’s displeasure and resentment to walk his own path, saving his wife and child from a totalitarian regime. Could he do any less.

It was at that point that Jason decided to use his new found abilities to help others and balance a karmic debt. Take a life, save a life. His awakening had left him changed, he could step between dimensions to re-appear short distances away on our world, doing so the energies of that in-between place infused objects he carried so that they would react violently with matter from our world. These were his gifts, and with those, and a determination to become a man his father would be proud of Jason took up the name Wildcard and used his wit, his charm, and his gifts to bring justice to Freedom City._

Wild Card, Jason Kwon

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