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    [[File:447845 | class=media-item-align-center | image.jpg]] VIPER Credo: Greed is Good. Very Good. Power is even Better. Get as much as you can of Both. By far the most powerful and dangerous villainous agency in the world today. VIPER first …

  • Power Corps

    The Power Corps is a team of mercenaries originally recruited and trained by the Mastermind as his agents, and outfitted with advanced suits of power armor, powerful enough to make them a match for heroes like the Freedom League, or so they thought. The …

  • Viper Trooper

    These are the rank and file of [[VIPER | VIPER]], the standard agent seen in the field. They are always well armed and highly trained. Many of them lead a double life one as a trooper and the other in the regular world.