Tag: Viper


  • Blaze

    Not much is known about Blaze before he appeared as an enforcer for Demon. Right before the last Viper Demon War he had a falling out where they attempted to kill him, in retaliation he helped Viper crush that version of Demon. Blaze seems to be able to …

  • Viper Trooper

    These are the rank and file of [[VIPER | VIPER]], the standard agent seen in the field. They are always well armed and highly trained. Many of them lead a double life one as a trooper and the other in the regular world.

  • Ripper

    James Allison was a Green Beret in the U.S. Army, often sent on the most difficult and dangerous missions during Desert Storm. His luck ran out while he was investigating a secret laboratory in Northern Iraq, Allison was captured and used as an …