STAR Squad

Some people prefer their heroes a little more down to earth, instead of whizzing through the air and tossing cars around. In Freedom City, the most admired of these heroes are the police, the fire department, and the local HAZMAT details, and the most respected of these are the police. The ones that most commonly see action against supervillains are the Freedom City STAR (Superhuman Tactics and Regulation) Squad.

Today, STAR Squad is on the front lines against supervillains in Freedom City. While the press sometimes characterizes them as loose cannons, most appreciate the important role they play in that most dangerous of jobs, safeguarding the city, and no one wants to go back to the bad old days of POF-SWAT.

STAR Squad can be hard to deal with. Their official motto is “We bow to the law, not to men or supermen,” a saying that concludes every daily briefing. The only authorities they respect are those in their direct chain of command. They are, despite their reputation, humble around the people they serve; it’s only when you try to order them around that their now-legendary contrary streak comes out. It has won them grudging respect

STAR Squad is an official branch of the Freedom City Police Department, and is based in the 14th Precinct of Freedom City (attached to FCPD headquarters). There are twenty-three people in STAR Squad, divided into three squads (code-named Ripper, Mad Dog, and Crusher) of six troopers and five full-time support personnel. In addition to this force, five squads from the 12th, 14th, and 18th Precinct have been designated as reserve support to bolster STAR Squad in a major crisis (usually to carry and operate heavy weapons in a support capacity). STAR Squad also employs civilian advisors for technical support, and a few office workers.

STAR Squad

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