Timeline 1989 till 2010

Two members of the Freedom League—Tectonic and Halogen—die stopping the rampage of the Katanarchists, led by the Crimson Katana. Centurion disbands the League before more lives are lost.

Freedom City celebrates its bicentennial

Loma Prieta Earth Quake racks the west coast at 8.0 Magnitude destroying most of the San Francisco and the surrounding areas. The Champions save thousands of lives and become a famous hero team during the aftermath of the Quake

Franklin Moore is elected Mayor of Freedom City on a platform of “zero-tolerance” for crime and vigilantism. Costumed heroes are outlawed, and even some stalwarts like Centurion are forced to stop operating in Freedom City.

The wedding of Andrea Atom and Prince Mentac marks the end of the original Atom Family’s adventuring careers, The Atoms move from Freedom City to New York. Jack Wolf leaves Freedom City to become a mercenary. The Goodman Building was also sold.

The Bay City Project is in Full tilt to rebuild the Greater San Francisco area and reorganize it into Bay City.

Following an epic battle against the forces of the Hierophant, a group of young heroes decide to band together in a new incarnation of the Sentinels team.

The “final” battle between Horus and Serpent Queen Results in the apparent deaths of both of them, as well as Killjoy and the Queen’s allies Blight and Daeva. The Sentinels are present but unable to recover the bodies of either hero or villain.

Castle Comics starts up in New York City and buys up the rights to the pulps and comics properties of the long-defunct Aurora Press and Aurora Publishing Group.

Anne Atom dies from complications due to cancer.

In defiance of the Moore Act, Archer forms FORCE Ops, uniting a young (sometimes brutal) cadre of heroes to fight Mayor Moore’s political machine as well as more standard menaces and enemies. The new heroes are branded outlaws.

After the Fall of U.S.S.R. a group of loyal communists metahumans led by Blazing Star took the battle to the Kremlin itself, where they were accosted by a small band of international heroes led by Protonik. The two former friends resolved the conflict with words rather than fists. After Blazing Star abandoned the plot he shamefully left the planet for the stars.

The Terra King tries to stop the building of Bay City and is stopped by the Champions

Franklin Moore is reelected to a second term in office, despite rumors and accusations of political corruption, misappropriation of funds, and nepotism within the administration. Once again, the support of CODE and similar citizen-action groups is pivotal. It’s later revealed the Moore campaign has aid from criminal organizations, from the Freedom City Mob to shell political action committees funded by SHADOW and VIPER.

Kismet of The Sentinels sacrifices her life to destroy a hyper dimensional processor core being constructed by the Assembly from captured alien technology, preventing it from taking over the world, and thus eliminating the terrible future timeline from which she originally came.

After several incredibly successful years, the bottom drops out of the comics market and Castle Comics nearly implodes. Publisher Harry Wiseman takes the helm of Castle Comics and immediately plans to move its central publishing house and offices to Freedom City.

Bay City Project is almost bankrupt and could be a failure

Crimson Mask steals the Mirror of Souls from Eldrich’s sanctum and uses it to restore Overshadow’s shattered mind, allowing the arch-villain to seize control of SHADOW once more.

The End of SHADOW, Overshadow returns, armed with the Tapestry of Fate, and attempts to kill AEGIS Director Jack Simmons. The former Patriot overcomes his old foe. After Overshadow falls to his apparent death, it’s widely believed that SHADOW is broken and defeated. In the wake of Simmons’ retirement and SHADOW’s apparent defeat, public and administration support from AEGIS begins to wane. The cost of operating the agency is increasingly called into question and AEGIS is in serious danger of being de-funded or incorporated into other federal agencies.

With the help of Savage Solutions and The Marksman of the Champions Bay City is finished and becomes a great modern Mega City

The POF-SWAT squad kills a super-powered teenaged gang member called Captain Blood after AEGIS captures him in a raid in Southside. POF-SWAT members claim the mutant teenager was killed during an escape attempt, but video evidence later surfaces showing the officers beat and then shot him while he was still helpless in pow¬er-dampening manacles. Although placed on trial, the officers are acquitted due to irregularities in the chain of evidence. AEGIS and some Freedom City heroes narrowly prevent a riot in Southside from growing out of control in the wake of the decision.

Michael O’Connor’s “No Moore” campaign wins him the Freedom City mayoral election by a landslide—particularly after FORCE Ops exposes some of Franklin Moore’s ties with organized crime. The newly elected O’Connor devotes his efforts (and considerable personal fortune) toward rebuilding people’s trust in their leaders and in Freedom City. He also begins working to repeal the Moore Act.

Viper creates a Weather Satellite that will allow them to control the world’s weather and black mail all the world. The Satellite is destroyed from a joint effort of the Sentinels and the Champions.

The Terminus Invasion: The forces of Omega invade the world with major out pouring in Freedom City Detroit, The West Coast, China Eastern Europe/Russia and Western Europe the largest alliance of heroes and some villains ever seen unites to repel the interdimensional invaders. In Freedom City many heroes not seen for years within the city returned to save the city. The Champions were in route to help Freedom when they found out Dr. Destroyer was leveling Detroit. The Sentinels were on the West Coast luckily because the Champions were heading towards Freedom. China used their own heroes to stop the invasion while Protonik and his group of heroes saved Eastern Europe and Russia while surprisingly the combined force of the villain teams the Eurostars and Terror Inc. saved Western Europe. Many heroes were seriously injured, killed, or lost in the ensuing battle. Centurion sacrifices himself to shatter Omega’s support armor, forcing the dimensional overlord to retreat back into the Terminus. Freedom City and the world mourn the loss of their greatest hero. Doctor Destroyer killed all of the Champions besides The Marksman before being sucked into the Terminus. FORCE Ops is no more in the aftermath of the invasion, leaving Freedom without a team of resident heroes once again.

I Am Metropolis: Dr. Metropolis makes his presence known in Freedom City and lends his powers to the reconstruction effort, allowing it to occur at tremendous speed.

Jack Wolf returns to Freedom City, with Andrea Atom and Mentac missing and presumed dead following Omega’s defeat. Dr. Atom, himself dying of cancer, transfers his intellect into a holographic computer system. Jack becomes the legal guardian of the Atom chil¬dren and returns to New York.

The sacrifice of AEGIS agent Luke Bonham (killed in action during the invasion) and the clear threat posed by the Terminus revitalizes support for AEGIS and helps to heal rifts between the organization and the superhero community.

Mayor O’Connor officially repeals the Moore Act, making costumed heroes legal in Freedom City once again. Many of the heroes who came to fight Omega choose to remain and help with reconstruction. A grateful city welcomes their return with open arms and the so-called “Iron Age” draws to a close

The Millennium City project begins in an effort to rebuild Detroit.

The Sentinels permanently move to Bay City and with backing from Steele Omnitech through the newly-formed Sentinels Foundation, construction begins on Fortress. San Francisco Bay

A group of heroes led by Captain Thunder re-establishes the Freedom League, and it quickly becomes one of the world’s premier superhero team.

Mayor O’Connor establishes Honor Day, the annual citywide holiday to commemorate the defeat of Omega and the sacrifice of the Centurion and other fallen heroes, with the dedication of the Sentry Statue in Riverside Park. Through the years many of the other cities hit during the Terminus Invasion follow suit and create their own Honor Days.

Mayor O’Connor wins re-election.

Savage Solutions moves to Freedom City and purchases the Goodman building as its new Global Headquarters.

Jack Simmons, the Patriot, passes away in a government hospital. His memories and personality are downloaded into an advanced android, allowing Simmons to continue working as a government agent behind the scenes.

With Millennium city slowly being rebuilt The Marksman sees a need for a super hero team and begins to recruit The New Champions

Stronghold and Blackgate prisons are the target of huge metahuman attacks that cause rampant escapes at both locations.

The President announces the formation of a US government “super team,” the Arsenal of Democracy that will be a part of AEGIS

Stronghold and Blackgate get a huge upgrade and remodel so there isn’t another breakout like the ones in 2004

The New Champions make their debut in Millennium city saving the city from The Terra King and his attempt to sink Millennium city

Duncan Summers, the original Raven, opens the Claremont Academy in Bayview. He begins teaching the next generation of super-powered youngsters about the deeds and the sacrifices of all those who came before them

Michael O’Connor Jr. wins re-election to a third term in office.

The Centurion reappears, claiming to have been trapped in the Terminus for years. He turns out to be an imposter created by Omega to infiltrate Earth’s heroes. The false “Alpha Centurion” is defeated and trapped in the Zero Zone.

The Arsenal of Democracy makes their debut, they barely stop an attack by Terror Inc on Washington DC

Millennium City is completed

An alliance of super-villains destroys Freedom Hall and seriously wounds or disables most of the Freedom League. Daedalus defeats the villains apparently by himself, though unconfirmed rumors suggest he had aid from the mysterious Foreshadow. The League rebuilds Freedom Hall to its current splendor within the year.

The Freedom League and the Sentinels stand off against Atlanteans preparing to invade the surface world. The Next-Gen travels to Atlantis with their teammate Nereid to help free her father and the rest of the Atlantean royal family from the clutches of the Deep Ones, who have seized control of Atlantis using the Serpent Scepter. The Atlanteans are freed and the invasion averted.

Mastermind makes his return and almost takes over most of the United States only the combined efforts of The Freedom League, The New Champions, The Sentinels and The Arsenal was the scheme stopped.

Fletcher Beaumont III, the fourth Bowman, graduates from the Claremont Academy being one of the first graduates at the school and starts being a hero on the streets of Freedom

Nancy Gardner dies after being abducted by Dr. Stratos

The Marksman passes away both Millennium City and Bay City Mourn

Fisk Industries begin to buy casinos in Freedom City

Current Year

10th Anniversary of the Terminus Invasion

Michael O’Connor Jr. seeks re-election for a fourth term as mayor of Freedom City.

Timeline 1989 till 2010

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