Atomic Brain

Atomic Age Master Villain


Name Atomic Brain
Height 8" in robot suit 12’ outside it
Weight 750Lbs in Robot Suit 12Lbs outside it
Hair Color NA
Eyes NA
Occupation Scientist
Affiliations Formerly The Foundry
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Alpha Metahuman with Robot Suit Gamma Metahuman outside it
Threat Level Red


“In the early 1940s, as the Nazi menace marched across Europe and into the Soviet Union, America and her allies engaged in furious research into the possibility of harnessing atomic energy as a weapon. One scientist involved in the project, a radical but undeniably brilliant atomic theorist named Harold Hamilton, commanded such respect among his colleagues that he was given his own cadre of experts to explore radical ideas not wholly accepted by the scientific community at large. No one was surprised when Hamilton immolated himself in an early field test, but nearly everyone was astonished to discover that the unconventional professor survived the blast, after a fashion.

“Realizing they were out of their league, the scientists turned over Hamilton’s glowing, obviously alive brain to the secret government body then tasked with investigating paranormal and superhuman activity. Their scientists rigged a machine to read the thoughts of the brain, which happily instructed America’s scientists on how to build the atomic weapons that would bring the Japanese to their knees.”

Almost none of that is true.

Harold Hamilton, a colleague and peer of Alexander Atom, was a brilliant but highly erratic theorist attached to the Manhattan Project. He was not, however, so highly respected that he was allowed to work independently; he was operating outside of the Project’s supervision without permission when he accidentally subjected himself to a dose of radiation greater than any human being had endured before. It enhanced his already prodigious intellect … and it began to rot away at his body. Within a year, there was nothing left of him but his still-living, pulsing brain, which his colleagues did turn over to the FBI’s Special Projects department.

His claims that without his insights, the scientists of the Project would never have been able to build their first fission weapons, are delusions of grandeur and paranoia. The “mind-reading mechanism”, actually a communications device, wasn’t developed until 1947, long after the first bombs fell. (What only a few have wondered is whether or not his insights might have influenced the creation of the hydrogen bomb.) But he is convinced that he was robbed of credit for his discoveries, and since the 50’s when the first of his many robot bodies was developed, it has been a singularly unwise move to challege his version of events to his … well, he doesn’t have a face …

Over the next forty years, the Atomic Brain fought many of Earth’s mightiest costumed champions, beginning with the original Johnny Rocket and Centurion, and ultimately squaring off against Protonik in his most advanced robotic body yet, in the late 90’s. Fortunately for the world, that was also his last robotic body. In the wake of its destruction and defeat, the Atomic Brain discovered that the Foundry, which had manufactured his bodies based on his designs since the 1960’s, was no longer interested in his custom. Put simply, he had acquired an annoying tendency to get behind in his payments, and Talos had run out of patience. (Not enough to destroy the Atomic Brain, but enough to refuse to deal with him anymore.)

Little has been seen of him since.

Atomic Brain

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