Name Broadway aka Jason Berenzhin
Height 6’1"
Weight 195 Lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eyes Blue
Occupation Actor/Singer
Power Source Scientific Accident
Power Level Delta
Threat Level Blue


Power Level 9 Power Points Spent: 150/150

STR: +1 (13), DEX: +3 (18), CON: +4 (18), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +3 (17)

Tough: 4/8, Fort: +9, Ref: +11, Will: +13

Skills: Acrobatics 8 (11), Bluff 5 (8), Concentration 7 (9), Diplomacy 6 (9), Gather Information 4 (7), Notice 10 (12), Perform (acting) 5 (8), Perform (singing) 5 (8), Search 8 (9), Sense Motive 7 (9)

Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (ranged) 4, Distract (Bluff), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Quick Change

Friction Glide (Flight 8) (Speed: 2500 mph, 22000 ft./rnd; Limited (Only When Touching a Surface); Power Loss (In Silences Area)) (19 PP)
. . Sonic Shield (Protection 4) (Alternate; +4 Toughness; Force Field, Impervious; Power Loss (In Silenced Area))
. .Sonic Construct (Force Field 7) (Alernate) +7 Toughness, Shapeable Area (7 cubes 125 cu ft (5×5×5)); Only usable on others (Free – Personal – Sustained)
Sonar (Super-Senses 4) (blindsight: Hearing; Custom (Uses Active Sonar)) PP 2

Sonic Scream (Sonic Control 9) (Radius: 45 ft., DC 19) (30 PP)
. . Piercing Scream (Blast 6) (alternate) DC 21; Penetrating (Standard – Ranged 60ft – Instant)
. . Harmonics (Absorption 4 (Alternate) Absorbs Energy, Effect: Healing (Reaction Personal – Sustained)
. . Sonic Blast (Blast 9) (Alternate; DC 24) (Standard – ranged 90ft – instant)
. . Sonic Phasing (Insubstantial 3) (Alternate; Energy) (Free – Personal – Sustained)
. . Synapse Overload (Stun 8) (Alternate; DC 18; Extended Reach 10ft) (Standard – Touch – Lasting)
. . Vertigo (Nauseate 8) (Alternate; DC 18; Extended Reach 10ft) (Standard – Touch – Lasting)

Attack Bonus: +5 (Ranged: +9, Melee: +5, Grapple: +6)

Attacks: Sonic Blast (Blast 9), +9 (DC 24), Sonic Scream (Sonic Control 9) (DC Fort/Ref 19), Synapse Overload (Stun 8), +5 (DC Fort/Staged 18), Unarmed Attack, +5 (DC 16), Vertigo (Nauseate 8), +5 (DC Fort/Staged 18)

Defense: 15 (Flat-footed: 13), Knockback: -6

Initiative: +4


Jason Berenzhin was born to Cassandra and Jacob Berenzhin in May of 1990. Cassandra a well-known Broadway actress and Jacob an up and coming geneticist working on the human genome and brain function for the NY base think tank FutureNow. Growing up, Jason showed signs of heightened intelligence, which his father was extremely proud of, but that pride turned towards resentment, when, at a young age, Jason started to take after his mother.
The young man became a staple at his mother’s shows, often seen in his mother’s arms backstage at both rehearsals and performances. Before his tenth birthday, Jason was somewhat of a media darling, and when he started to display musical talent as well, the press ate it up. Duets sung with his mother hit the internet, and the cherubic Jason soon became an upcoming star.
All the while, his father put up a pleasant front, but seethed inside. This was his son, HIS legacy.

Soon after his twelfth birthday, Cassandra accepted a role in a national touring company, and despite protestation from Jason, who wanted to go with her, she left for the road, leaving Jason in Jacob’s care. By all accounts, Jacob was an excellent father. Jason never wanted for anything, and his father was always there when Jason needed him.

But appearances were deceiving.

Jacob began slipping solutions of his own making into Jason’s food and drink. Solutions that were designed to enhance Jason’s brain functionality. It was Jacob’s line of work, after all, and if Jacob could trigger something in Jason’s mind, he could rid Jason of the foolish notions of stardom, and Jason would become HIS son once again. Over several months, Jason consumed his father’s concoctions, and they seemed to be working. His grades improved, he was performing above the highest levels of the classroom, and indeed seemed to be his father’s prodigy. Much to his father’s liking, Jason started to lose interest in the performing arts. There was only one thing left to trigger all of Jason’s higher brain functions. Or so his father thought.
Jacob took Jason to his lab under the guise of showing the boy something remarkable. He wanted to show Jason how they had been able to use ultrasound coupled with laser and magnetic resonation to map the brain. Even promised to show Jason a map of his own brain. The youth was happy, more interested in the fact that his father seemed to actually want to spend time with him now. His mother had been gone on tour for a little over two years, coming home occasionally, and on holidays, and he missed her, missed her music and the theatre, but bringing that up with his father always seemed to put him in a funk. The arrived at his father’s lab, and after the grand tour they went to his lab and Jacob showed Jason the machine.

It looked like something out of a science fiction movie. A helmet of sorts, with a cacophony of wires and electrodes attached, which then fit inside a golf ball like apparatus about 15 feet wide. Jason looked at it and chuckled. “You want me to stick my head in THAT?”

Jacob smiles and nodded, “Yes, and it isn’t going to do anything. Here look.” He flipped on a series of machines and a holograph appeared, showing what was obviously a human brain.

Watching, Jason saw several sparks which lit up sections of the projection. “Whoa…now that’s cool!”

Jacob nodded, “That’s my brain. We scanned it yesterday, and what you’re seeing is sections of the brain at work. We get live feed, which allows us to map never seen activity in real time.” He grinned at his son. “How about we see how you do?”

“Just try not to be blinded, dad!”

Jason took a seat in the barber chair type seat while his father adjusted the helmet. The whole of the apparatus then slid back, and up until Jason’s head was inside the ‘golf ball’.
Jacob knew that the Australians made breakthroughs in healing lesions caused by Alzheimer’s using ultrasound, and had studied their findings. He took that breakthrough a step further, and thought that he could unlock portions of the brain that were normally mostly dormant. The machine fired up, and soon the holograph showed Jason’s brain, and Jacob was pleased. It showed more activity already than any of the scientists who had sat in the chair had. Jacob knew if he just made a few changes, Jason would rival the greatest minds out there. He directed the ultrasound to fire at a few locations.

Jason screamed.

The white hot agony in his head allowed for no other response. His limbs locked in place, so he couldn’t even reach for the helmet, or try to escape the device. His screams lasted until he no longer had a voice, but his mouth still remained open trying to expel the pain. Mercifully his father shut off the machine, and the pain stopped as Jason fell unconscious.

“Gods, Jason! Jason, what have I done?” Jacob rushed to his son’s side, and lifted the limp body from the chair, Jason was breathing, but showed no other signs of any conscious activity. “No, no, no, no!” Jacob moved Jason to a gurney, and then turned. He had to erase the recording of what he’d done. He went to the console and pulled up Jason’s holograph, and started backward from the point that Jason fell unconscious Just try not to be blinded, dad! a fitting warning. Jacob looked at the holograph and Jason’s mind was lit up like a nova. Jacob backed up to just before he had started the ultrasound manipulation and erased the whole of it.

Jason woke up to the sounds of his screams again, and sat bolt upright in his…hospital bed? He looked around disoriented, and saw the broken glass everywhere. As well as a team of doctors rushing to his side, with his parents just behind them.

It had taken two weeks for Jason to regain consciousness after ‘the reaction’ as the doctors called it. A combination of chemicals had interacted with his father’s device, which caused swelling of the brain. The swelling had gone down, and the doctors seemed amazed by health of the boy’s brain now. Marveling on its response time. The doctors did more tests, and came up with a list of chemicals, from common teenage dietary consumption that interacted with the machine, and warned that they should be avoided if Jacob was to do any more tests.
After his son was released, Jacob handed the doctors a large envelope, but they pushed his hand aside.

“We have no need of your money Doctor Berenzhin. There will come a time when we’ll need your help, and when that time comes, you’ll help. You wouldn’t want your wife and son to know what really happened, or what those chemicals really were, would you?” The greasy smile from the doctor spoke volumes more than his words. The only other thing that Jacob noticed when the man reached to shake his hand was the strange snake tattoo that coiled around his wrist.

From that point forward, while Jason still maintained excellent grades, he seemed a normal student. Much to his father’s hidden chagrin, Jason took an interest in music again, and seemed to start having greater success than before. As the years past it became apparent that here was something to his voice now, something that seemed beyond what normal singers had…

In 2002 Jacob was contacted by Sophron Industries, operating out of Freedom City. They were highly interested in his work with neurotransmitters and ultrasound, which had stalled with his old company. With Cassandra working only occasionally on tours, which Jason would often accompany her on, it seemed like an easy thing for the family to pack up and move away from New York.

After a few years in Freedom City, Jason’s abilities began to surface as more than just that scream he let out in the hospital years ago. The family did their best to cope with the changes, and Jason did his best to not let it derail his future in show business, but by 2007, Jason and his family decided he would step back from live performances so he could “better concentrate on school and college.” Although older than is normal for an attendee at the Claremont Academy, the Berenzhins talk to an old friend, Duncan Summers, who they had known from social circles in New York, quietly inquiring about help for Jason’s abilities. Duncan, seeing some promise in the boy, as well as potential danger in allowing him to continue without any guidance, contacts the Freedom League to ask them to offer just that.

Casandra Vale begins working with Jason, to develop his control of his sonic abilities, also offering him counselling to help him overcome his doubts about them. Through her guidance, Jason begins to understand the responsibility that these powers are. Casandra noted that The Raven might understand Jason’s trouble and put them together, in order to give Jason someone he can relate to to work with. During the training, Raven and Jason become friendly, if not necessarily friends. Unfortunately for Jason, this does not go unnoticed by Dr. Sin, who saw his granddaughter sparring with the young man, and saw Jason as perhaps a way to exact some manner of revenge on the Raven.

Things also grow more tense for Jacob in his job with Sophron Industries, who put further pressure on him to produce results from his research and design. Jacob is producing designs that will help overcome some mental illnesses and deformities, but the company seems to not be satisfied. Unbeknown to Jacob, the group is a subsidiary of The Foundry, who are taking Jacob’s designs and “improving” upon them to try and create weapons for use in mental domination.


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