Carrion Crow

Flying Angry Old Inventor


Name Carrion Crow
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 175 Lbs
Hair Color Black and Grey
Eyes Green
Occupation Mercenary, Criminal
Affiliations Formerly Sinful Seven
Power Source Technology
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


In 1983, Richard Corvis stood a man betrayed. Bought out and forced to retire from the engineering firm he’d help create by younger partners who considered him a senile crank, the 60 year old Corvis was consumed by bitterness, convinced that he still had plenty of use to the firm. His anger only grew when he discovered that not only had his associates (the sons of the men he’d founded the company with) managed to gain the rights to his myriad inventions, they’d also proceeded to sell out the company to its competitors, destroying his life’s work in a handful of months. Corvis—a man who’d dedicated himself to the company quite possibly beyond the point of reason—decided he’d have revenge, using the only invention they’d left to him—a revolutionary flight harness they’d discarded as “too impractical” and a “money hole”. Using his remaining funds to finish the harness in private, Richard Corvis dubbed himself the “Carrion Crow” and began a campaign of terror against his former partners and business rivals, seeking not only revenge but a chance to prove that despite his age, he was still a man to be reckoned with.
Corvis has spent time in and out of prison for the last 30 years but he still seems to be the same 60 year old bitter man that he was in 1983

Appearance: Richard Corvis is an elderly man with a lean, angular face, and a shock of black and grey hair. He is generally seen in his ‘Murdersuit’, a black costume with elaborate wings on the arms. (He uses them to direct his flight.) These days the hands are covered with taloned gloves

Carrion Crow

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