DJinn is a henchman of Shadow Caller (Rhases Alhazen )

The villain known as Djinn is an honest to goodness genie. For a thousand years, she was a free spirit, roaming the desert and enjoying a life of freedom. She was a being of fire and air, living a life of freedom in the wilderness. The a man name Rhases Alhazen learned her name. Suddenly she went from the freedom of the desert to the pain and imprisonment of a flask. Bound into an intricate copper and gold flask, she was forced to serve her arcane master. For three hundred years she has served as the muscle for her dark master.

During World War 2, she suffered the even greater indignity of being bound into a mortal form. The creature called Beacon shackled her into her present form, denying her the ability to become a creature of pure air or fire. Since then, she has become a woeful creature full of spite and hating all mortals.


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