Spirit of Murder


Name Jack-of-Knives AKA All Hallows’ Slasher, Butcher of Kingsbury Run, Jack the Ripper, Last Call Killer, Lonesome October, el Psicopata, Saucy Jack, Spring-Heeled Jack, Yuletide Strangler, Zodiac, and scores of other aliases
Height Variable
Weight Variable
Hair Color Variable
Eyes Variable
Occupation Spirit of Murder
Affiliations Hades
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


The being known as Jack-a-Knives is a Murder Spirit, the soul of a vicious killer from the ancient world, pledged to Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Upon the killer’s death, Hades stripped the spirit of its memories and personality, leaving behind nothing except the desire to kill and the knowledge of how to do it.

For millennia, Hades has dispatched the Murder Spirit to the world of the living to reap souls for the kingdom of the dead. It possesses a living host and becomes a remorseless killing machine, returning to Tartarus when its grisly work is complete. No one but Hades knows for sure how many infamous killers throughout history have been hosts to the Murder Spirit, but he’s implied that it has been more than a few.

Jack-a-Knives has been more active in the past century or so as Hades’ vendetta against Daedalus and other mortal heroes has grown. In particular, the Murder Spirit is responsible for an infamous series of killings that took place in Freedom City in the late 1800s, as well as more recent killing-sprees in the 1970s and ‘80s. It’s later host possessed the mutant power to transform into mist, and the combined entity took on the name “Bloody Jack” when it confronted FORCE Ops and other heroes.

Because the Murder Spirit has no real personality of its own, it relies a great deal on the personality of the host. It exaggerates the host’s own repressed and murderous traits: dislikes become hatred, prejudices become a complete disdain for other life. The more inclined the host is toward Jack’s murderous work, the easier it is for the spirit to act, so it tends to choose hosts with a suitable temperament, but the Murder Spirit has been known to “hide” in more innocuous hosts for a time. This makes it incredibly difficult to find and stop without mystical or psychic aid of some sort.

There are limits to Jack-a-Knives’ possession; it can only enter the body of an intelligent creature that has killed another intelligent creature or come into contact with the life’s blood of such a creature. Still, this includes paramedics, trauma doctors, police officers, and many others among its potential hosts. The Murder Spirit has little regard for its host, and may use it as a “hostage” of sorts against more scrupulous heroes. Those willing to kill the host to get at Jack become potential hosts themselves….

When the Murder Spirit leaves a host (willingly or not), , the host’s condition becomes dying. A dead host combusts and burns instantly to ash leaving no trace behind.


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