Super Fast Action Junkie


Name Joystick AKA Janice Yanizesk
Height 5’ 7"
Weight 135Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Hazel
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations The Outlaws
Power Source Mutant, Technology
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


Janice Yanizeski is the daughter of compulsive, and generally unlucky, gambler, Walter Yanizeski, whose obsession with risk left a lasting impression on his daughter. When she happened across his secret stash of cash in their back yard, he taught her to always keep an ace up her sleeve and an escape plan in case of trouble. Fairly athletic, but otherwise unexceptional, quiet and dull, she gained a scholarship to the University of Arizona, where she played basketball.

Getting mixed up with criminals betting on the game, she double-crossed them by deliberately throwing a game she had a side-bet on. When they confronted her, and threatened violence, she offered them her father’s stash of cash to pay them off. They badly beat Walter and took his money.

Disappearing, Janice resurfaced a few years later as the mercenary Joystick, dedicating her new life to taking risks. She has now taken up with Deathstroke and The Outlaws for the great pay and the incredible rush from every mission.

Joystick possesses superhuman speed and agility. She can become a being of ’pure action’ at will, further enhancing her speed, agility and reflexes. During these periods, her hyper-fast movements are automatic and instinctive rather than guided by conscious thought.

She also wears a pair of gauntlets which allow her to focus energies to create batons out of pure energy. Creating a pair of batons she can strike them together to produce a blast of concussive force , or used launched as missiles which explode with energy on impact.

An action junkie, Janice loves fighting or undertaking dangerous activities. She thrives on challenges, and if she doesn’t feel her current situation is dangerous enough she’ll do her best to make it more challenging.

Rarely taking anything seriously, she’s often flippant and sarcastic towards her team mates. She seems unwilling to become attached to others, keeping her emotions closely guarded from other to protect herself, and only entering into casual relationships with others. She acts solely in her own interests, happily betraying Earth to probable destruction so she could find new challenge.


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