Immortal Sorceress


Name Medea of Colchis
Height 5’ 5"
Weight 110 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Black
Occupation Sorceress
Affiliations Formerly Demon
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


Medea was born thousands of years ago, the daughter of Aietes, the King of Colchis on the Black Sea. She studied the mystic arts from childhood and was an accomplished sorceress by the time she met the Thessalian prince and hero Jason. Medea fell in love with Jason, helped him steal the legendary Golden Fleece from her father, and fled her homeland on board his ship, the Argo. Medea helped Jason and his crew overcome other obstacles on
their journey home, one of which was the bronze giant Talos (and this defeat began
a long-standing enmity between Medea and Talos that lasts to the present day).

Medea, Jason, and the Argonauts reached home with the Golden Fleece and Jason claimed his rightful throne. Medea became his consort and bore him two children, but Jason’s eye wandered. He chose to marry Glauce, a Theban princess, to cement an alliance between their kingdoms. Medea avenged this insult by giving Jason’s new bride a poisoned robe that struck her dead. She then spitefully and coldly murdered her own sons before flying off in a chariot drawn by dragons. Jason lost his family, his kingdom, and his sanity, dying alone, penniless, and miserable.
Medea never realized that she’d lost the same things as revenge and hatred consumed her.

Medea continued to study the mystic arts and swore to never fall victim to love again. She later married King Aegeus of Athens and fought with Aegeus’ son, Theseus. She clashed on occasion with Daedalus and Talos, her life sustained over the centuries by magic. Medea has been a temptress and
manipulator of men around the world. She has often traveled in the guise of a wealthy and powerful mortal woman, seeking to expand her knowledge of magic and work her wiles.

In modern times, Medea made attempts to
destroy Daedalus and his allies in the Freedom
League. She has also come into conflict with Eldrich, the world’s master mage, over arcane matters.

Medea is full of bitterness toward everyone, particularly men. Her only real enjoyment in life is to bring others down to her level “by exposing their happiness and morality for the shams they are.” She delights in tormenting her victims. Capable of great cunning and charm, she can convince others to believe her harmless, perhaps even helpful, before she strikes them down. She’s ruthless, and once someone has earned her wrath; she stops at nothing to gain retribution. Heroes who oppose Medea can plan on having an enemy for a very long time. Her immortal life hasn’t given her much perspective, but it has taught her the value of patience. Even if it takes years to realize her schemes, she can afford to wait.


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