Immortal World Conqueror


Name Mastermind
Height 6’4"
Weight 230 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Blue
Occupation Conqueror
Affiliations None Known
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Alpha Metahuman
Threat Level Red


For millennia, he has walked among us: studying, learning, and using his influence to guide human destiny. He has borne thousands of names and identities and lives across time. The shortsighted have opposed him, delaying but never truly stopping his plans. He struggled against superstition, fought to free humanity from the oppression of mysticism, and hunted creatures that would prey on them—and he reserved a special hatred for the Serpent People. He was a philosopher-king in Atlantis, a great scientist during the Renaissance. He has known all the eras of history. While his body aged far more slowly than a normal human’s, he still retired from time to time to one of his hibernation chambers hidden around the world to rest and regenerate. Remaining ever youthful and vital, the hunter-turned immortal watched the years whirl past faster and faster. After his most recent awakening a few years ago, he was amazed to discover how much humanity had progressed. Finally he was seeing the first true signs of thehuman potential he always knew existed. He also noticed the explosion of people with superhuman powers. They could become the next stage of human development, but they could also oppose his rightful rule. They would learn to acknowledge him as their superior, all humanity would know him as the Mastermind! Although he considers his goals worthy and benevolent, the Mastermind wants nothing less than to rule the world and shape it in his own image. His great intelligence, technological resources, and immortality allow him to develop any number of schemes for world-conquest and he’s willing to bide his time and deal with a few setbacks. His extensive knowledge of genetics and Preserver bio-engineering allows him to create his own super-powered lackeys or perhaps grant super-powers to ordinary people (or awaken latent powers within them). His skill in cloning also means the heroes can never be certain that the Mastermind is dead. A backup facility can always create a clone of him and download his intellect and memories into it, allowing him to return.


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