Teen Alien Symbiote

Name Mega Star AKA Christoper Beck

Height 6’ 3" (5’ 8" as Chris)
Weight 225 Lbs (135 as Chris)
Hair Color Silver/Blue (Black as Chris)
Eyes White (Brown as Chris)
Occupation Student
Affiliations The Next-Gen
Power Source Alien
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


In the depths of space, a Lor scout ship encountered a Grue Marauder. The Grue knew what the Lor vessel carried and attacked to capture it. The crippled Lor vessel managed to evade the Grue and crash land
on Earth.

Christopher Beck was camping and saw the scout ship crash. At the crash site, he found three members of the Lor crew dead. A fourth was still alive and gasped at him, “Keep it safe. Take the M.E.G.A.S. and keep it safe from…” The man died in Chris’ arms, and a glowing silvery metal dripped out of the box in the pilot’s dead hands. That metal slithered up—against the pull of gravity—and began to flow all over Chris’ body. He panicked and tried to run as the metal wrapped around his head. Unfortunately, he ran right into the shock nets of the Grue.

As he fell, Chris heard a calming feminine voice that said, “M.E.G.A.S. partially online, awaiting full reboot and unification. Status: user emotionally agitated; physical protections at 65% efficiency. Options: Offensive return fire or device nullification and energy absorption?” Chris opened his eyes and was surprised he could see, even though the weird metal still totally covered his face. It also seemed to put crosshairs along his line of sight, and those the video-game aficionado understood. “Return fire!” he yelled, pointing at the three Grue. He howled excitedly as energy blasts came out from his hands and sent the aliens packing.

Within days, Chris learned an incredible amount about the metallic liquid. The Metamorphic Encephalic Guidance and Attack Suspension was an ancient Preserver artifact discovered on one of the Lor frontier worlds. All Chris knew was it saved his life, was wicked cool, really smart, and gave him super-powers.

After two weeks of practicing as Megastar and perfecting his “look,” he tried to join the Freedom League, but his interview and tryout with Daedalus and Raven was interrupted by a Lor squadron sent to recover the M.E.G.A.S. Without any explanation, Lor Captain Skeshar trained an energy beam at Megastar, which painfully pulled the M.E.G.A.S. off and revealed his true teenaged form. Daedalus and Raven fought Skeshar and his Lor squadron to protect the boy from harm. When they realized the M.E.G.A.S. had bonded with the Earthling as its host for the extent of the boy’s lifetime, the Lor left in disgust.

Knowing his true age, the League couldn’t accept Megastar into their ranks, but Raven got Chris a scholarship to the Claremont Academy and suggested he go there “to learn more about the responsibilities of power and being a hero, while also learning to pass algebra.” Chris accepted the offer and has become the Academy’s most powerful student thus far.

When he touches the “tattoo” on his left arm, Christopher Beck’s body shimmers as silvery metal flows out of and over his skin, transforming him into Megastar. Megastar is super-strong and highly resistant to injury. He can fly and even go interstellar speeds through the vacuum of space. Megastar has no need to breathe, since his shell renders him immune to environmental conditions. Megastar also has sporadic access to information provided by the artificial intelligence within the alien artifact; Chris refers to it as “Meg,” and he can talk to “her” inside his head. Her analyses only come if the artifact registers danger that can actually harm them or if Chris asks specifically. So, from time to time, Megastar has flashes of insight into a particular thing or situation.


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