Multipling Super Strong Mercenary


Name Phalanx AKA Mike Willis
Height 6’ 6"
Weight 300 Lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eyes Black
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations Hades, Viper, Anyone willing to pay him
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Gamma Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


Mike Willis had only ever been good at two things: breaking legs and riding motorcycles. When he wasn’t drinking, thinking about drinking, or beating people up for beer money, he was riding his , the one true love of his life. Slowly but surely, he became known to the right people as a legbreaker worth the money. So when he started doing thug work for a few of the costumed crowd, not many of his few friends were all that surprised; after all, that was where the real money was.

Eventually, he started working for this guy named Hades. The guy was strange, but he paid really, really well, so Mike didn’t care. One day, he approached Mike with a proposal – he’d pay Mike more money than the big man had ever seen in one setting if Mike would only help out in an “experiment”. If it succeeded, Mike would be even stronger than he already was, strong enough to stand up to some of that other costumed crowd – the ones that were always interfering with Mike’s good times. Not really understanding the potential problems, and liking the money, he agreed.

The “experiment” succeeded. When Mike came out of “lab”, he was immensely strong, the strongest thing he or anyone else had ever seen. And there was a bonus – he could make duplicates of himself. At first, this only happened when he was excited or stressed, but soon Mike learned how to do it with just a little mental effort. He even had a cool name to go with his powers. Hades called him Phalanx (and then explained what it meant). He was in the big time.

Little did Mike realize that the man he was working for was truly the Greek God Hades, there is time to time when Hades shows up and calls in a favor or two but other then that he is left to his own devices making money doing what he enjoys breaking legs and riding motorcycles.

Phalanx possesses vast superhuman strength and durability. In addition, he can psionically generate exact duplicates of himself. Many of them. Unlike some other duplicators, Mike can only make exact duplicates – he’s never bothered to learn much more control than that. He’s an effective brawler, and he’s never seen the need to learn any techniques more complicated than hit and hit again. Phalanx isn’t a stupid person; he just doesn’t see the need to tax his brain when violence has always been an effective solution to most problems he’s faced.


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