Professor Muerte

Leader of Terror Inc


Name Professor Muerte AKA Hernan Cortez
Height 6’ 2"
Weight 185Lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eyes Black
Occupation Leader of Terror Inc
Affiliations Terror Inc, Doctor Destroyer
Power Source Technology
Power Level Beta Metahuman
Threat Level Red


Hernan Cortez had an ambition to match his famous name. He found the normal life of his Argentinean peers dull and boring, and gravitated towards the rather exotic Nazi refugee colony in Buenos Aires. There he met Dr. Albert Zerstoiten, who was to become notorious as Dr. Destroyer. Hernan idolized Dr. Zerstoiten so much that in a fit of hero worship, he willfully set himself on fire to match his mentor’s injuries. Dr. Destroyer created a set of life-support equipment for his follower, and continued to school him in the technology of destruction

He stood before the mirror, armor on, he looked …… like a ruler, like a man to be feared, like a god of destruction. He looked like Dr Destroyer. He had even scarred himself, to show his allegiance to the Destroyer.

He had crafted his armor to closely resembles that of his mentor, he had stayed with him for years, learning and hero worshiping from his feet. That was good for a while, but then he realized that he could rule the world just as well as Destroyer could, the idea of blind worship had faded.

He would keep the armor the way that it was, it did inspire fear. Fear was his goal, fear would make people bow to him, fear would make the world leaders do as he wished, and fear would turn the people away their leaders and toward someone of great power, there would stand Professor Muerte, ready to rescue humanity from the fear.

Fear would have to be created, and in large amounts. He had to come up with a plan.
He left Destroyer that night, fear was coming to the world. He set up a base of operations and began to hire gunmen in large numbers using the money he received from various bank withdraws, none of the legal variety.

Random shooting were not causing the panic and fear that he wanted, he would need more then “average” helpers, he would need a team of villains to cause the terror and fear that was needed for him to take over ruler ship of the planet.

He set out to find the people that he needed … the people to form Terror Incorporated.

Professor Muerte

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