Martial Artist Terrorist


Name Scorpia AKA Fiona O’Brady
Height 5’ 2"
Weight 120 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eyes Blue
Occupation Terrorist
Affiliations Terror Inc, Formerly IRA
Power Source Training/ Technological
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


The bombing in her native country had come to an end, almost. The last bomb of the year would destroy her home, and her family. Her parents did not know that she was training those that made the bombs, they did not know that she had a crate of automatic weapons in the basement, all they knew was that she was back after attending collage for four years. They had sat down to have dinner with her, but her car had broken down on her way home from the planning session, they were going to blow-up the local police station with a car bomb. She could see the fireball from down the block, her family died never knowing the truth about their baby.

Knowing who the bomb was meant for, she drove straight to the airport and bought a ticket to the Middle East. It would be along time till she would see her home country again.

Muerte found her training terrorists in the mountains of Pakistan. Seeing a red haired, blue eyed woman training these sand peoples in how to fight was amusing to him, she was also quite beautiful. He needed a stealthy fighter/assassin for his group, he promised her all the equipment that she needed to do the job.

She accepted membership in Terror Incorporated, and took the name of Scorpia.

She has decided that, in the event of the Professors death, she would take over leadership of Terror Incorporated. She has been thinking on this for awhile and has yet to find a way to speed up the natural death process that would be necessary as Giganto would not approve of direct action against Muerte, and she is not so sure that she could win a one-on-one against the megalomaniac.


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