Lucky Powerhouse


Name Shamrock AKA Sean O’Lear
Height 6’ 6"
Weight 275 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eyes Green
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliations Terror Inc
Power Source Mutant
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


He was always lucky, for as long as he could remember he was always coming out on top at game of chance. At one game of cards he drew three aces to a ace / king in five card stud. The other players did not like his “luck”, they took him out back to beat the luck out of him. He turned out to be a very good fighter, often landing blows that hit just the right spot.

He went home and turned on the television only to see that heavyweight fighters made MILLIONS. He started training, just before his first fight his mutant powers started to surface, he was banned from the ring, his shot at millions was gone.

Well, not completely. With his new strength, he could get the money that he wanted and with his luck not get caught.

He is was a very light hearted criminal, he knew that he has the power and training to stand up to most heroes, and the luck to get away from those that he cannot. That all changed when his family was caught up in a IRA plot of got blown up he luckily survived and found an old love from school Fiona but now she went by Scorpia and was running around with Terror Inc where he soon joined now having nothing to lose and wanting revenge


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