Goddess Of the Sea


Name Siren AKA Casandra Vale
Height 5’ 10" (5’ 6" as Casandra)
Weight 125 Lbs (110 Lbs as Casandra
Hair Color Green (Black as Casandra)
Eyes Green
Occupation Super hero, Psychologist, Goddess of the Sea
Affiliations The Freedom League
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Blue


Cassandra Vale traveled to Haiti in 1962 to study the traditions of Voodoo for her doctoral thesis in psychology. Her theory proposed the actual belief in the supernatural, wholly or at least in part, made such things possible reflexively and retroactively. She managed to earn the trust of some of the locals and gathered a great deal of information about their beliefs, even witnessing and taking part in some lesser Voodoo rituals.

While boating off the coast of Haiti near the end of her stay, Cassandra accidentally ran across a drug smuggling operation and was captured. Eliminating a potential witness, the smugglers tied her up and tossed her overboard to the sharks. Cassandra thought she would die, but as she sank into the water, she heard a gentle voice telling her not to fear. “I will help you, if you let me,” the voice said, and Cassandra welcomed her aid.

With Cassandra’s approval, the Voodoo loa Siren, goddess of the sea, entered her body and became as one with her. The drug-smugglers, watching the waters for the blood and the inevitable feeding frenzy, were startled to see a green-haired woman rise up out of the deep on the back of a shark. The ocean waves struck their boat at her command, capsizing it and dumping the drug smugglers in among the sharks. She produced a magical net from the waters that snared the drug-runners, and flew them to shore to face the authorities.

Cassandra woke up the next morning thinking the whole experience had been some kind of strange dream. She realized it actually happened when Siren appeared to her in a vision and explained she had been chosen for a very special purpose. The goddess maintained the people of the world were ultimately good and worthy of the aid of the loa; Baron Samedi, the loa of the dead, conversely maintained that humanity responded only to base impulses and needs and were simply worthy of becoming slaves and playthings of the loa.

So it was decided both of them would have the opportunity to prove their cases. They each chose mortals in whom they would merge to operate in the physical world, and Siren chose Cassandra. Together, she and the loa would overcome the plans of Baron Samedi to prove humanity was worth saving. Siren didn’t have long to wait before the Baron struck with his first ploy, transforming the criminals she captured into his zombie minions and sending them against her.

When Cassandra returned home to Louisiana, the sea goddess Siren became well known along the Gulf Coast, fighting against smugglers, drug-runners, dangerous creatures and the agents of Baron Samedi. She aided the people of Freedom City during Hades’ invasion and become a member of the Freedom League; she remained a crucial part of the League for its first five years, and then returned to New Orleans, erratically serving as a reservist member of the League for many years, since Baron Samedi concentrated his efforts far away from Freedom City.

Still, she was on hand for the Terminus Invasion. When the Freedom League reformed following Omega’s defeat, Siren rejoined comrades new and old in the fight for justice. Baron Samedi has since followed Siren’s presence in Freedom City by extending the reach of his criminal empire there. His minions are now peddling zombie powder on the streets of Lincoln and Southside. With each new addict, the Barons’s presence in Freedom City becomes stronger. This has not escaped Siren’s notice.


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