Ultima Thule Exile


Name Superior AKA Übermensch, Kal-Zed
Height 6’ 6"
Weight 250 Lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eyes Blue
Occupation Conqueror
Affiliations Formerly Nazi Germany
Power Source Alien
Power Level Beta Metahuman
Threat Level Orange


Kal-Zed was born a wolf among sheep, a giant among those content to while away their immortal lives with trivialities. He was one of the rare births among the Ultima, celebrated by the immortals as the continuation of their race and culture. With only a few centuries of life, he lacked the perspective to understand his people’s tradition of isolation and non-interference with less evolved cultures. No, he was obsessed with ancient lore about the time when the Ultima strode the world like gods, and were often worshipped as such. They were giants in the Earth then, not existing like monks in their hidden city.

So it was no surprise that Kal-Zed was intrigued when outsiders visited Ultima Thule for the first time in many years. They spoke of ancient human legends about the city and about the origin of their race, the Aryan race. The Ultima found their folk-beliefs amusing, but had no interest in their primitive doctrines of racial purity or their political ambitions. So they mindwiped the intruders and sent them on their way, with nothing more than vague memories of being lost in a snowstorm.

The seed these visitors planted festered in Kal-Zed’s mind, however. The strangers were right, after all. The Ultima were superior! Why should they not assume control of less evolved cultures and guide them? It would be child’s play to do so; the primitive technology and even the crude psychic abilities displayed by humans would be no match for the cosmic power of one who was like a god to them.

So, one fateful night, Kal-Zed stole away from Ultima Thule. He traveled to the Fatherland of the visitors and presented himself as a true example of the Aryan ideal, der Übermensch. Upon meeting Adolf Hitler, Kal-Zed was unprepared for the power, the sheer charisma, of the man, along with the subtle aid of his occult advisors. Rather than simply seizing control of the Reich, the newly named Übermensch thought it in his best interests to use the Nazis to his advantage. Once they had conquered, he would conquer them in turn.

Übermensch was one of the few Nazi super-soldiers to escape death
or capture at the end of the war. Exiled from Ultima Thule, his ambitions dashed, he renamed himself Superior and became a fierce foe of the Centurion, his opposite number in America. The two of them clashed many times over the years as Superior sought revenge and conquest. Eventually, Centurion decisively defeated him and exiled his foe to the Zero-Zone with the assent of the Ultima. There Superior has remained, awaiting an opportunity to escape and wreck havoc on his old foe and the world that has defied him for so long.

Superior will be quite disappointed that fate has cheated him of the chance to kill the Centurion himself, but he’ll be more pleased to know there is no “worthy” foe to oppose him and his plans for world-domination can continue


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