Robot Inventor


Name Talos
Height 9’
Weight 3,000 Lbs
Hair Color None
Eyes Red
Occupation Inventor, Criminal
Affiliations The Foundry
Power Source Mystic, Technology
Power Level Beta Metahuman
Threat Level Red


In ancient times, the Greek god Hephaestus crafted a giant of bronze and gave it life.
Zeus gifted the bronze giant, named Talos, to King Agenor of Tyre in compensation for
his daughter, Europa, whom Zeus carried away. The hero Jason and his lover Medea
overcame Talos when Medea used her magic to ferret out the giant’s weakness—his heel.
Jason stabbed Talos there, causing molten metal blood to pour fourth from a wound, and the giant fell to the Earth.
Talos was unearthed in the 20th century by archeologists investigating sea-floor ruins and inadvertently re-activated. The cunning robot operated in secret for a time, creating the Foundry
Talos is the embodiment of science stripped of all compassion. He considers humans and all organic life inferior, and wishes to populate the world with machines like himself, creating a place of perfect order. Highly intelligent, Talos admires that quality in others, but usually finds their intelligence “contaminated” by petty emotions. Although Talos considers the emotions of others a weakness, he is largely blind to his own.
Talos even considers himself superior to the god who created him, claiming it is his destiny to replace the gods, as they overthrew their parents, the Titans. Talos longs for true peers, artificial beings like himself, but his efforts to create them have been flawed.
Talos is a potential menace to all humanity, given his goal to eventually populate the world with machines like him. He’s a powerful foe with the strengths of his robot body and his keen intellect. Talos can create various robotic threats, or can directly threaten the world with a new scheme. Through the Foundry, he develops, builds, and sells technology to various criminal clients, allowing others access to advanced equipment


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