The Silencer

Man Waging a one man war against The Freedom Mob


Name The Silencer
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 170 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Vigilante
Affiliations None
Power Source Training/ Technology
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Green


Silencer has embarked on a one-man crusade against the Mob.
The Silencer has proven extremely effective thus far. He has brought down several Mob operations and even killed some Family lieutenants or left them for the FCPD to find. The heads of the three Families are growing concerned about this mysterious
masked man. The Silencer is becomingalmost legendary among Mob thugsand made-men, who are justifiably terrified of him. Although the police aren’t sorry to see the Mob taking a few hits, the Silencer’s willingness to use illegal methods, and even to kill his foes, has branded him a harsh vigilante.
At the very least, the police want him for questioning in a number of Mob-related deaths.
The Silencer feels driven by the pressures in his life to do what he is doing. He’s quite ruthless in pursuit of his goal. He feels the Mob does not deserve equal and fair treatment.
He’s seen what it does first-hand, and he shows his enemies the same mercy they would show him. He considers himself too intelligent to believe in “fairy tales” like “ truth and justice for all.” Although he’s fighting a personal crusade, he believes he’s ultimately doing some good and that justifies his actions. Deep down, he hates the Mob for what they’ve done to his life. In many ways, he’s a hurt and angry man striking back at his childhood tormenters.

Silencer has a variety of sonic-based weapons at his command, coupled with considerable training in science, martial arts, and tactics. His main weapon is a sonic rifle capable of firing coherent beams of sound that can batter targets unconscious or vibrate with enough force to punch through concrete. A wider, less coherent ray can create deafening noise or induce powerful vertigo. He can create a field that counters all sound and makes an area totally quiet. This preternatural silence often precedes the Silencer’s attacks, and the Mob has learned to fear it. The Silencer usually uses his silence field to sneak into an area, strike with a screamer blast to deafen and disorient his opponents, and then wade into close-quarters combat with his sonic blasts and hand-to-hand skills. He doesn’t hesitate touse lethal force when he deems it necessary.

The Silencer

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