White Knight

Super Powered White Supremist


Name White Knight AKA Daniel Foreman
Height 6’
Weight 200 Lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eyes Blue
Occupation Criminal, Terrorist
Affiliations KKK, White Supremists, Natzis
Power Source Mystic
Power Level Delta Metahuman
Threat Level Yellow


White Knight is a twisted and sociopathic personality who considers everyone his inferior, particularly anyone who isn’t white, male, heterosexual, and doesn’t fit his extremely narrow view of a “good” Protestant Christian.
He’s a classic bully—overbearing and threatening towards those weaker than him, but outwardly subservient to those more powerful while secretly plotting revenge against them too. Dan dropped out of high school “since they weren’t teaching me anything I needed to know,” but considers himself very intelligent although he’s woefully ignorant or misinformed on many issues. He’s a complete fanatic about his cause, and considers all efforts to sway him from it trickery and deception.
White Knight has control of fire and is super strong and resistant to damage.
He is very dangerous to civilians when engaging him always be aware of innocent bystanders.

White Knight

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